Wednesday, 9 April 2014

52 Lists:Fifteen

52 Lists: List the things that kick start your soul

To be quite honest I was sure what Em meant by this topic but I suppose it's my interpretation. I chose it to mean list the things that are kick starting you in the mornings. The things that you want to jump out of bed for.

  1. The spring sunshine
  2. The chorus of birds outside my window
  3. The beautiful flowering cherry tree that is about to burst into wonderful pinky blooms
  4. The tin full of cookies that I made yesterday
  5. It being Uni holidays so lots of opportunities for meet ups with friends
  6. Having plans
  7. Start of the cricket season
  8. Re-Kick starting my love of art and scrapbooking (look out for this on the blog)
Can you guys tell I'm loving spring right now? I think it might have to be my favourite season. It's when nature starts growing and blooming and it gives me an almighty boost too.
How's life for you lot? Also do send me the links if you are also part of 52 lists.
Kate xx


  1. The spring sunshine!! I have been a little under the weather the last couple days but today was sunny and a little above 50 and it itself just made me more perky!

    1. It's beautiful isn't it? Gives me a massive boost of motivation. This is why I love spring: beautiful sunshine but not too hot.
      Kate xx

  2. Having plans and the spring sunshine are perfect to get me on a roll :)