Thursday, 8 May 2014

It's the Little Things: Six

Bonus points if you can guess what it's meant to be?
  • Receiving the cutest drawings from the children I teach. There is so much care gone into these and I really treasure every single one. The top one was given to me last week by a child because they had drawn it for me earlier in the day. The second is actually a card that was given to me when I had finished a course of street dance teaching at a school. It is signed by all the children. It was me all warm and fuzzy! It's these little thing, the smiles and the enjoyment of the children which makes me love my job!

  • First win of the cricket season. Last weekend was the start of the cricket season for me and it was a chance to meet up with  everyone again and have a good time. Cricket is such a social sport. I mean, what other game involves the player stopping halfway through to share a meal with the opposing team? It felt great to be back together and a win really topped it off. A lot of banter flies about and we finish up in the pub where I discovered the delights of a pear cider for the first time. It was a perfect refreshing drink after a warm day of activity.
  • At the weekend I managed to find a packet of  four cinnamon and sultana english muffins for 69p. These have been my breakfasts for the past 4 days. I lightly toast them and add lashings of butter. I love the enticing smell that permeates the kitchen when their in the toaster. It has motivated me to enjoy a few minutes in the morning with my breakfast rather than the rushed eat-on-the-go meal I usually have.
Hope you've had a tip-toppity week. What little things have made you smile this week?
Kate xx


  1. Those drawings/cards would totally make my heart melt! Just seeing yours did! I can't guess what the top one is..maybe a Dalmatian? Lol!

    1. They are just so cute! Top one is a ladybird which I thought was a pretty good drawing for a 5 year old.