Sunday, 13 July 2014

One Summer's Evening

Only a couple of hours before I decided to venture out with Ben, my sprocker spaniel, the heavens had opened. Yes, I was caught in the downpour and was soaked. However in that time the rain had cleared to leave a calm, mild evening. I left home at half 9 in the evening and was amazed at how light it was outside. There was very little breeze and all was calm. Evenings like this make me realise how amazing it is to live in the countryside. In the 30 minutes I was out walking I did not meet a soul. The only noises were the birds tweeting their good nights to each other. Or at least that's what I like to imagine they were saying. The evening light was hazy and when I got to the village green I found a beautiful layer of mist had descended giving a strange ethereal look. I have learnt to appreciate that quiet time found where I live. One day I think I will live in the hustle and bustle of the city, but I think it is also important to have a quiet time to reflect. I found I felt so much calmer after my walk as I was able to sort my feelings and stressors out. Quiet time alone is very important.

When did you last have a quiet time alone?
Kate xx

Friday, 11 July 2014

52 Lists: Twenty Two

52 Lists: List your summer to do list

  1. Extract the barbecue from the garage so that long summer evenings can be spent in the garden with yummy barbecue food. Potato salad must feature though. It's my favourite BBQ accompaniment.
  2. Have lots of picnics
  3. Take part in a water fight. I know this one will definitely happen at work at some point so I'd better get myself a good water pistol otherwise the children will soak me!
  4. Listen to some live music
  5. Plenty of summer evenings spent in a pub garden with a refreshing fruity cider with my teammates after toiling in the cricket field all afternoon.
  6. Eat lots of soft juicy fruits. I'm currently loving sharp, sweet raspberries and peaches that smell amazing even before the first bite.
  7. Go to the beach. I love that I live so close to the beach (about 45 mins drive) and so I should go ore often. 
  8. Work hard to learn Makaton so I'm ready for the new school year.
  9. Make something! I would like to be as creative as possible
  10. Start to up my fitness routine as I will have more time. I don't know if going to the gym is right for me so if you have experiences good or bad please share.
Kate xx

Thursday, 10 July 2014

52 Lists: Twenty One

52 Lists: List the things that warm your heart

  1. Knowing you have made someone smile
  2. Cuddles
  3. Giving presents (and remembering birthdays!)
  4. Fabulous sunsets
  5. Feeling proud
  6. Sunshine
  7. Spending time with the ones I love
  8. Nature
  9. Laughing so hard you belly hurts
What warms your heart?
Kate xx

Saturday, 5 July 2014

52 Lists: (I've lost count so maybe 20?)

52 Lists: List your favourite blogs and why

  1. Sallytangle - Sally has a way with words that allows you to feel like your having a freindly chat with a friend over tea and cake whilst reading through her blog post. Her Wonderful Wednesday post never fails to brighten my day.
  2. Reverie Lane - Not only does Emma have a stunningly clean layout she blogs about all sorts of lovely things. Her blog contains some yummy looking recipes, great hair ideas for those with long hair like me and my favourite her Simple Little things series. All complimented with some great photography.
  3. Esme and the Laneway - If you love vintage clothing this is the place for you. Esme wear vintage in the most beautiful way. Plus her being in Australia always has me yearning for the opposite seasons.
  4. One Sheepish Girl - Meredith keeps me up to date with art, knitting, food and everything in between with her weekly Blush List. 
  5. New Girl in Toon - Reading Chloe's blog makes me so hungry! She is always tempting me with scrumptious looking afternoon teas which she goes to in the cutest dresses.
This is just a small selection of the lovely blogs I read. Reading these and many more make me smile but I always love reading a new one so do pop your link over to me.
Kate xx

Thursday, 3 July 2014

My mini (MAXI) Break

Sometimes it's nice just to leave things and come back to them with renewed spirit. That's how I feel about my little space on the internet. My summer every year becomes excessively busy. The cricket season kicks in and I hardly get a chance to sit down let alone spend quality time on my blog. Therefore I thought I would take any spare time I do have to do exciting things.

Therefore I'll give you a quick run down of the things you may have missed:

  • One awesome gig by my beautiful and amazingly talented friends. Have a listen here if you don't believe me. Bear in mind they made this video a year ago and they are just getting better and better. Can you tell I'm just a little proud?
  • Too many cream teas to mention
  • 2 Brunches with my girls. There is nothing that can prepare you for the day quite as well as the combination of bacon and a catch up.
  • An amazing trip to the House of Lord's. It was so much fun getting dressed up for an event at a prestigious venue for such a good cause. Plus take a look at the fantastic sunset as I left.
  • Mastering the perfect french braid and then wearing my hair like that for a week because I was so pleased.
  • Eating scrummy light salads for lunch. A pasta salad uses up all the leftovers and leaves me ready for the afternoon. Eating salads feels so summery. My favourite, though, has to be a simple potato salad.
  • Spending summer afternoons playing cricket and eating cricket tea which leads into summer evenings in Pub gardens with a refreshing cool cider.
  • Being so proud of my girls cricket team that a little tear may have escaped my eyes.
  • Rediscovering light denim skirts and little summery shirts.
Keep me updated on what I've missed out on in your lives
Kate xx