Thursday, 3 July 2014

My mini (MAXI) Break

Sometimes it's nice just to leave things and come back to them with renewed spirit. That's how I feel about my little space on the internet. My summer every year becomes excessively busy. The cricket season kicks in and I hardly get a chance to sit down let alone spend quality time on my blog. Therefore I thought I would take any spare time I do have to do exciting things.

Therefore I'll give you a quick run down of the things you may have missed:

  • One awesome gig by my beautiful and amazingly talented friends. Have a listen here if you don't believe me. Bear in mind they made this video a year ago and they are just getting better and better. Can you tell I'm just a little proud?
  • Too many cream teas to mention
  • 2 Brunches with my girls. There is nothing that can prepare you for the day quite as well as the combination of bacon and a catch up.
  • An amazing trip to the House of Lord's. It was so much fun getting dressed up for an event at a prestigious venue for such a good cause. Plus take a look at the fantastic sunset as I left.
  • Mastering the perfect french braid and then wearing my hair like that for a week because I was so pleased.
  • Eating scrummy light salads for lunch. A pasta salad uses up all the leftovers and leaves me ready for the afternoon. Eating salads feels so summery. My favourite, though, has to be a simple potato salad.
  • Spending summer afternoons playing cricket and eating cricket tea which leads into summer evenings in Pub gardens with a refreshing cool cider.
  • Being so proud of my girls cricket team that a little tear may have escaped my eyes.
  • Rediscovering light denim skirts and little summery shirts.
Keep me updated on what I've missed out on in your lives
Kate xx

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