Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye summer. No more changing into my whites to take to the field. They have been laundered for the last time. Folded and put back safely for next year. No more long evenings where I stand in the lengthening shadows of the tall, conifer trees waiting for the jubilation. Or the disappointment. Then no matter the result we reconvene on an outside table for a cool, refreshing cider. The warmth of the day fades into camaraderie and chatter. The team will shift their own way through the winter. Coming together infrequently but the bond remains.

My tan still lingers for now. Thank you, summer for that. For the way my skin has gently absorbed the rays and turned a honey colour that no one thought possible. My being so ginger! And then again my hair has new blonde streaks appearing through it. Standing in the sun has changed me. And that not to mention the thousands of freckles that have exploded across my body.

As the warm summer days leave us so our food preferences change. Gone is the BBQ. No-one wants to stand in the rain and eat cremated burgers and sausages. Somehow this is fine when the sun beams down. When my lunch choices lighten and salads become the norm. It's now back to sandwiches and as we progress maybe even soups.

Goodbye days spent spontaneously wandering on the beach. When an ice cream and a hastily prepared picnic is all that is needed. No more standing in the sun rolling up my sleeves whilst I coach smiling happy children. And you don't want to be having water fights when the temperatures fall. I will miss running around playing hide and seek and endless games of musical statues as term starts and the real work!

So as I pack away my shorts and start thinking about finding my cardis, I say thank you summer. Thank you for the beautiful memories. Thank you for the new friends made and the bonds that have grown closer. Thank you for your uncharacterfully summery weather. And until next year goodbye.

Share your memories of this summer. For me it's been great I hope yours has too.
Kate xx

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  1. I reluctant to wish the summer away just yet, we've had a few warm days so I'm still holding out hope to the end of the month!