Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Autumnal Sunday Strolls

After a day snuggled under a duvet regretting a not so great curry I decided it was time to get out into the air. I must say I felt so much better for some fresh air and a roam around the countryside. I took my brother and our dog and it was lovely to have a bit of time catching up with him too. Sometimes you forget that where you live is actually very beautiful. Because we see it every day, we become slightly immune. I looked through these photos and couldn't believe the colours. I love the golden light of the evening that sneaks around the trees creating dappled shadows. The oranges, greens, reds and browns of the leaves as they fall to the ground. There were so many more photos I could have shown you and it was such a hard choice which to showcase. The light was drawing in as we walked home having walked further than expected, but what a gorgeous sunset to finish the walk with.

I wrapped up really warm in a charity shop denim shirt, the only jeans I've ever found that actually fit (they're from Tesco if you're interested) and a cute cherry print scarf. And last but not least I have my massive woolen cardi. My Grandma knitted me this 2 years ago and I love it. My friends have nicknamed it the "sheep jumper" and it's so warm and snuggly. Perfect autumn wear.

Kate xx

P.s. excuse the poor photo quality on the last photo. But the colours were so pretty and skipping down the road is always a good thing!


  1. Sometimes I forgot to get outside and just want to stay on the sofa when it's cold out. But it's good to get some fresh air in ourselves. That cardi looks really snuggly!

    Lovely sunset colours!

    1. I'm such an indoor snuggler when it gets chilly but once I get outside I love it. As with everything it's just that initial motivation to get doing it.
      Thanks lovely x