Monday, 27 October 2014

#BloggersGroupHug 1

A couple of weeks ago during a twitter Jade from Jasey Jade came up with the hashtag #BloggersGroupHug. From there it has run and here we are. Jade came up with a new series between bloggers. Here's what she has to say about it:

"The Bloggers Group Hug.
We are a Community, a Group. A group of people who are bloggers. 
We all blog but just in Different ways  because we are Individual Souls  with different interests 
but yet similar because we are bloggers. 

A Group Hug means to me: Support, Unity  & Similarity .

So the idea is that all of you who would like to participate, will receive One Word every week ( depends on how many bloggers will join). A word that you will have to describe in 100 words maximum. The description can be in a funny way, a deep way, unrealistic way, used in a short story or you can use pictures. It's up to you, because a word may come to you in a different way then it would to others, but yet you are writing like every other blogger out there .

So BloggersGroupHug is really all about showing:
Support  by excepting how every single one of you interpreted a word
Unity  by working together
Similarity by doing the same thing, writing and also *maybe* show similarity in your answers"

The first word we were given was HUG and here is my response:

Did you know the average hug is only 3 seconds long? I have no idea how someone came up with that statistic, but it seems an awfully short time to me. I suppose statistics don't tell you everything and this one certainly doesn't tell you the frequency in which people hug or indeed why. A hug can be a greeting, a goodbye, something that says I'm here for you. It makes me think of love and comfort, warmth and safety. It creates a connection between people you know well or may just have met. Hugs, however long, are important.

I look forward to reading what everyone else has written so if you are joining in please your link.
You can read more about it here

Kate xx


  1. I really like the idea of this! It's nice to see something bringing us together :)

    1. Absolutely, I love the idea of bringing the community together x

  2. I know right, such a short time! I absolutely love this!

    1. It's strange! Let me know when your post is up. Excited to see what everyone else writes.