Sunday, 26 October 2014

Looking forward to...

Autumn is really here now and there's lots going on. I hope everyone is well and we can keep up with each other through the business! Sometimes there are just some many exciting things in your life and you can't wait for them to all happen at once. I thought I'd share some of the things I'm really looking forward to right now.

6 days off in a row! Can I just reiterate that this pleasure has not been mine since Easter time and I will be making the most of them. The volume of work I've done recently has left little time for me. I will spending it relaxing, catching up with sleep and doing lots of things for me. I've been feeling a little run down the last couple of weeks so lots of rest and being able to choose what I want to do will be fantastic.

A spontaneous day. Me and one of my best friends have a day booked in to do something. We have no idea what that thing might be yet and that's what I love. I'm excited to jump in the car and go somewhere. I know that wherever we go will involve a good consumption of yummy food and much laughter.

Fireworks. This year one of the teams I coach are having a fireworks get-together and awards evening. I will be like a proud mumma whilst watching the kids I coach get their awards and with hot dogs and bowls of soup on offer we shall gather around a bonfire and watch fireworks. It sounds like a perfect evening. I must remember to bundle up nice and warm.

A trip to London. Ever since my friend moved in to her new flat in London I've been itching for a weekend down there. I will be catching the train down at the end of November which is just perfect as we plan lots of Christmassy activities, plus an afternoon tea of course. I'm so excited for mulled wine, decoration buying and any other Christmassy things we can think of. (holler if you have ideas London people?).

I am starting to teach my first Arts Award class. I love the concept of Arts Award which is to get all children involved in all forms of art and give them the opportunity to explore and develop to their own potential. I will be basing it around dance and look forward to it so much!

Second training session tonight. I've signed up to train with a new cricket team. It's a ladies team which is something I'm really looking forward to I have played with girls since I was 14. I went a couple of weeks ago for the first time and the ladies made me feel so welcome that I have been looking forward to going so much. Unfortunately it's only every other week so I'm also looking to do some other new exercise in between. Again suggestions very welcome, I especially want to work on core strength.

What are you looking forward to in the very short term or maybe a little further afield?
Kate xx

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