Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Inspired by the Night Sky

This week I've been feeling ever so inspired and intrigued by the starry nights we've been having recently. I love how you can see so many stars from so very far away.  The other night I drove home and got out of my car to see the most amazing amount of stars. I love that you see some stars so brightly but on clear nights you can see all the twinkly, small stars too. Plus I saw my very first shooting star. It was very fast and my mum blinked and missed it, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't an airplane! When I get home from work every night it's dark. This used to get to me a little (I like my sunshine), but this week I've really been focusing on seeing those pretty little stars. This inspired me to take my stars with me everyday so I painted my nails with a dark blue undercoat and covered them in the prettiest bronze glitter.

My brother is studying photography and the last photo above is one of his. He's thinking about time and motion and is a little sneak peek into my very cold evening with sparklers and fire. They turned out really great and I look forward to showing you lot the rest. He really is talented, that boy!

What has been inspiring you recently?
Kate xx

Friday, 21 November 2014

#BloggersGroupHug 4

BloggersGroupHug is all about S.U.S, Support, Unity and Similarity. Read all about it here and join in.

This week Jade has given us the word CURRENTLY

Currently I have been feeling quite nostalgic. I’ve been looking back through old photos and listening to some of my favourite songs from my childhood. This is partly because I have just booked to see S Club 7 in their reunion tour (not excited at all). Then I came across 2 quotes that I wrote way back when I was 15. The first, my best friend made into this photo of us, or our fingers! I love the memories it conjures up and how relevant both quotes still are today.

"Give yourself time to notice those small things that if you run past, you may never see. But stroll a while and everywhere will come alive with detail."

Kate xx

Thursday, 13 November 2014

#BloggersGroupHug 3

BloggersGroupHug is all about S.U.S, Support, Unity and Similarity. Read all about it here and join in.

This week has given us the word STORY

We are all different. Lives made up of small experiences that are just as important as the milestones. Someone's favourite drink may remind them of the first time they drank it with a group of friends, curled up on a big double bed, sharing secrets after prom. Or the song that takes them back to a fabulous gig where friends performed it. Maybe the smell of a specific perfume that always reminds them of their Mum as she got ready to go out. These all add up to create a story, a life story that is individual to that person.

I'm loving the prompts Jade is giving us. It gives us a chance to be very creative. Can't wait for the roundup to see what everyone else has written.

Kate xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

What to do with a Bag of Leaves 2

This my latest foray into the arty world. I've always loved watercolours, from when I had my first set with the big blocks of paint which you whirled around so much they ended up having a hole in the centre of each colour. I'm by no means a proper watercolourist (is that even a word) and my very talented friend always tells me off for my technique. Probably because there isn't really a technique. More pop on the colour and see how it goes. The inspiration for these leaves came from the pile of leaves I collected in my handbag a week or so ago. Take a look at my other arty response here. I spent my Saturday evening snuggled up on the sofa with some comedy on the TV having a little dabble. Hope you like my response. As ever, you creative people, let me know how to improve.

Kate xx

Thursday, 6 November 2014

#BloggersGroupHug 2

BloggersGroupHug is all about S.U.S, Support, Unity and Similarity. Read all about it here and join in.

This week Jade has given us the word YEARS.

You wake up in January with the hangover of Christmas and New Year. You begrudgingly drag yourself out of bed into February. I open my presents before breakfast in March then open the door to a typical April shower. For me May sniffs of the work I trot off to and the exams I sat. The morning brightens in June and July until it’s time for a glorious lunch break and mini holiday that is August. September is the start again, back to work. As the gloom descends, October creeps in and November lights up the night sky. And as we snuggle up with December, we get ready to sleep, safe in the knowledge that we’ll do the same tomorrow or should that be next year?

Do take a look over at Jade's blog where she was kind enough to feature me in her roundup post last week. I love reading what everyone else writes based on the word so do link across.

Kate xx

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What to do with a bag of leaves 1

So as I was out walking the other week I ended up with a bag of leaves. Autumn is full of beautiful colours and I love the crunch of leaves under my feet. So now that I have all these leaves I decided I had to do something with them. Seeing as I also wanted to show more arty stuff around here I thought I'd start with a simple pencil drawing. Now this is my first drawing in about 3 years so it's nowhere near perfect and it didn't come out so well on the photo. But none the less here it is my first attempt to turn a bag of leaves into something creative.

Kate xx

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Worcester Adventures

Last Saturday I had a little adventure to Worcester. The main aim of the trip, which incidentally took over 5 hours on the train, was to look around the University and facilities. However after this was over we still had a couple of hours until  our train we decided to explore the city. Now I know there are many more obvious places in Worcester: the cathedral, the river Severn etc. However my passion as you know is cricket and knowing I could tick off seeing another county ground was an opportunity I couldn't miss. It was getting gloomy and the ground was completely empty. It felt sort of eerie. It reminded me of all the people who had played at the ground and inspired me. Every ground I go to inspires me. I want to do better in my own game, but as a coach it would mean the world to me if one of my players played on such a big stage one day. Yep I like to aim high! I loved seeing this old abandoned pavilion at the back of the ground. The history around these places always seems to overwhelm me.
 Then I saw this sign and got annoyed by the Ladies being shoved in their own pavilion. That happens to be the small rickety one in the centre of the photo below whereas in the right of this photo is the main pavilion. That there is great disparity in sport still, disappoints me
 After all this exploring we needed a warm up and sustenance before the long train journey back and this hot chocolate made me smile. The extra moment it took to make the design was well worth it because it brought a smile to my face. Thanks bearded cafe guy!

I love finding these places that bring back memories or exude their past. I have many more cricket grounds to get round! Do you have places you'd recommend that have this kind of atmosphere (even on a bleak grey day!)?

Kate xx

Monday, 3 November 2014

My Holiday

Although officially my holiday finishes now it feel like it was over 2 days ago with this weekend being so busy and work slipping it's way in. Saturday was a cross country train journey for a visit to Worcester today I have spent working (yep I thought I was on holiday too), so Friday felt like my last real day. My holiday has been just what I needed. I was starting to feel run down and a little all over the place so when some work got cancelled (yes that's the only reason I got a little break) I was more than relieved. I thought I'd share what I managed to pack in:

First was a day with my best friend. We hadn't really got any plans until the night before when we decided we might peruse the charity shops in nearby Bury St. Edmunds and have a picnic in the Abbey Gardens. This sounded like a beautiful plan. As you know, plans change though. The next morning she found out her Uni placement had fallen through and we ended up spending the morning on the phone trying to sort it out. We got it all sorted, but it was nice to be there for those crazy moments to help out. We then went out for the cheapest yummiest jacket potato ever at only 3 pounds 50! It was heaped with tuna mayo and came with a generous salad. Eating it outside whilst people watching made it even better.

For the next 2 days I relaxed! This sounds like an ordinary sentence, but for me this is a milestone. I'm always doing something and to just spend a few days watching TV, listening to music and eating is quite a revelation. I am guilty of wanting to be busy all of the time which has resulted in me not having time off since Easter. It was beginning to get to me and I never felt at my best. As I work with children I started to pick up any and every bug that was going around.

Then Thursday night I wrote a list. It was of all those little jobs that you never get around to but kind of wish you had time for. I then scheduled into my Friday and believe it or not I got them done. Which left a little time for a lovely wander with my dog Ben. I couldn't believe how warm it was and I feel like this might be the last bare legged day of the year. I still haven't quite got over all the beautiful colours so I came back with a bag overflowing with fallen leaves. Hopefully inspiring me to do a little something creative with them this week.

So now it's Monday morning and back to routine. I'm so glad I was able to have this time to rest and get myself ready for the next bash at life! Anyone had slightly more exciting holidays than me or just taken time to rest and recuperate.

Kate xx