Thursday, 13 November 2014

#BloggersGroupHug 3

BloggersGroupHug is all about S.U.S, Support, Unity and Similarity. Read all about it here and join in.

This week has given us the word STORY

We are all different. Lives made up of small experiences that are just as important as the milestones. Someone's favourite drink may remind them of the first time they drank it with a group of friends, curled up on a big double bed, sharing secrets after prom. Or the song that takes them back to a fabulous gig where friends performed it. Maybe the smell of a specific perfume that always reminds them of their Mum as she got ready to go out. These all add up to create a story, a life story that is individual to that person.

I'm loving the prompts Jade is giving us. It gives us a chance to be very creative. Can't wait for the roundup to see what everyone else has written.

Kate xx

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