Monday, 3 November 2014

My Holiday

Although officially my holiday finishes now it feel like it was over 2 days ago with this weekend being so busy and work slipping it's way in. Saturday was a cross country train journey for a visit to Worcester today I have spent working (yep I thought I was on holiday too), so Friday felt like my last real day. My holiday has been just what I needed. I was starting to feel run down and a little all over the place so when some work got cancelled (yes that's the only reason I got a little break) I was more than relieved. I thought I'd share what I managed to pack in:

First was a day with my best friend. We hadn't really got any plans until the night before when we decided we might peruse the charity shops in nearby Bury St. Edmunds and have a picnic in the Abbey Gardens. This sounded like a beautiful plan. As you know, plans change though. The next morning she found out her Uni placement had fallen through and we ended up spending the morning on the phone trying to sort it out. We got it all sorted, but it was nice to be there for those crazy moments to help out. We then went out for the cheapest yummiest jacket potato ever at only 3 pounds 50! It was heaped with tuna mayo and came with a generous salad. Eating it outside whilst people watching made it even better.

For the next 2 days I relaxed! This sounds like an ordinary sentence, but for me this is a milestone. I'm always doing something and to just spend a few days watching TV, listening to music and eating is quite a revelation. I am guilty of wanting to be busy all of the time which has resulted in me not having time off since Easter. It was beginning to get to me and I never felt at my best. As I work with children I started to pick up any and every bug that was going around.

Then Thursday night I wrote a list. It was of all those little jobs that you never get around to but kind of wish you had time for. I then scheduled into my Friday and believe it or not I got them done. Which left a little time for a lovely wander with my dog Ben. I couldn't believe how warm it was and I feel like this might be the last bare legged day of the year. I still haven't quite got over all the beautiful colours so I came back with a bag overflowing with fallen leaves. Hopefully inspiring me to do a little something creative with them this week.

So now it's Monday morning and back to routine. I'm so glad I was able to have this time to rest and get myself ready for the next bash at life! Anyone had slightly more exciting holidays than me or just taken time to rest and recuperate.

Kate xx


  1. Ahh my dog is called Ben, too. From the first photo with his tail only showing I thought he might have been a Patterdale, too. He looks a lovely colour <3 I love the photos as well: I love seeing mushrooms poking out of the foliage. I sort of wish I knew which mushrooms are poisonous. Not that I like mushrooms that much, but having some odd country-girl knowledge would make me feel better about growing up in the middle of nowhere.

    Sterling, XLeptodactylous

    1. Ben is a sprocker spaniel (Springer cross cocker) and he's gorgeous! I have no idea on mushrooms so I don't go near any, but I remember my Mum cooking up batches she had gathered when I was little. And to be honest I'm with you in not liking them that much either, but living in the middle of nowhere it helps to have a little countryside knowledge.
      Kate x

  2. So many lovely colours! I know what you mean about the relaxing, sometimes it's just nice to relax, do nothing and not be busy. It's something I've really had to practice to get better at.

    1. The colours are one of my favourite things about this time of the year. Oh tell me about it, there's always something I tell myself I should be doing.