Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Worcester Adventures

Last Saturday I had a little adventure to Worcester. The main aim of the trip, which incidentally took over 5 hours on the train, was to look around the University and facilities. However after this was over we still had a couple of hours until  our train we decided to explore the city. Now I know there are many more obvious places in Worcester: the cathedral, the river Severn etc. However my passion as you know is cricket and knowing I could tick off seeing another county ground was an opportunity I couldn't miss. It was getting gloomy and the ground was completely empty. It felt sort of eerie. It reminded me of all the people who had played at the ground and inspired me. Every ground I go to inspires me. I want to do better in my own game, but as a coach it would mean the world to me if one of my players played on such a big stage one day. Yep I like to aim high! I loved seeing this old abandoned pavilion at the back of the ground. The history around these places always seems to overwhelm me.
 Then I saw this sign and got annoyed by the Ladies being shoved in their own pavilion. That happens to be the small rickety one in the centre of the photo below whereas in the right of this photo is the main pavilion. That there is great disparity in sport still, disappoints me
 After all this exploring we needed a warm up and sustenance before the long train journey back and this hot chocolate made me smile. The extra moment it took to make the design was well worth it because it brought a smile to my face. Thanks bearded cafe guy!

I love finding these places that bring back memories or exude their past. I have many more cricket grounds to get round! Do you have places you'd recommend that have this kind of atmosphere (even on a bleak grey day!)?

Kate xx

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