Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Little Things: Seven

This week has been pretty grim. I've been feeling under the weather for the past 3 weeks and lost my voice for 3 days (special to my boss for laughing). Does anyone else get into a bit of a slump around this time of year? You supposed to be all excited for Christmas, but there's still 3 more days to work (yes I'm on a countdown). As I've lost my mojo a little this week I've really had to work hard to appreciate those little things that make you smile:
  • Having a parent tell you how much they appreciate what you're doing and that their child is loving your gymnastics club. 
  • Taking the time to have lunch with my Grandma. A warm bacon and cheese toastie served with a hot chocolate was just what I needed when the weather was dull and grey and I was snuffly. 
  • Spending Saturday evening baking gingerbread men, women and ningas with 2 of my best friends. I am the proud own of a range of gingerbread cutters and we made full use of them. With the gingery smell still lingering we snuggled under a duvet to munch our way through our makings. A simple Christmassy evening with lovely company.
  • The small kindness of a Christmas card. The effort of hand writing in your best handwriting, using a special pen (bonus points for gold or silver). The crooked handwriting of a child. In a digital world we can forget the importance of putting pen to paper and sending a card to those we love.
  • A wonderful sunset as I finished my shopping on Sunday evening. Driving home whilst taking sneaky peeks at the beautiful pinks and orange slashes across the sky was such a beautiful way to end the day.
  • Having a friend send me the recipe to a hot toddy because he knew how ill I was. That's all it said just a recipe and no explanation, but I really appreciated it!
What has kept you going this week? And do you have any magical cures for losing your mojo?


  1. Mmm bacon and cheese toasties sounds like a good idea, and with some great company, even better!

    My mojo is better since giving up on blogmas and buying my Christmas tree. Just go to pull out my Christmas jumper for the last day at work before the holidays tomorrow!

    1. I might whack my Christmas jumper on tomorrow to try to get me in the mood as I'm still lagging a bit!
      Have a lovely Christmas x

  2. I think everyone gets that this time of year - holidays are a stressful time! I say just don't push yourself too hard and do things that make you happy (like blogging)! :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay | I’m on Facebook now!

    1. Thanks Sweetie. I've now finished work for Christmas so I'll get a chance to chill a bit.
      Have a lovely Christmas x