Wednesday, 28 January 2015

#BloggersGroupHug 14

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This week Jade has given us the word EIGHTEEN.

I turned eighteen nearly 2 years ago now and it seems like my world has changed so much since then. At eighteen I was burying my head in the sand. I had upcoming exams and no idea where I wanted to go after that. In the time since I have completed my cricket coaching qualifications, passed my driving test and had 2 jobs that I love. If you’d asked me then, I would have laughed at the thought of my job, but it pushes me harder than ever. I’m not shirking the responsibility. I have lots more heaped on me, but this time I’ve asked for it and want it.

Kate xx 

Friday, 23 January 2015

A Visit in the Depths of Winter

Today I paid a visit to my cricket club. A strange thing to do in the depths of winter, but as I drove past I felt an urge to turn in. A beautiful sight greeted me. The sun, still low in the sky, was bright and lit the ground up as if it was a a summer's day. If it wasn't for the frost that covered the grass, I could have been fooled by the clear, blue sky. I almost popped home for my cricket kit ready to start playing. The great chill stopped me in my tracks and I could see curls of steam rising from my warm car. The sun, though bright, was low on the horizon creating long shadows from those tall poplars that line the ground. It reminds me of the late summer evenings when I stood shaded by those same trees playing the game I love so much. Long ago that hive of activity: the sounds of bat on ball and excited fielders, chasing and encouraging. No banter flies around the field today. The world feels still and calm. Save for a couple of birds, the sky is unbroken by cloud and the silence is broken only be their song. As I sit at the edge of the deserted field, I remember that before long the frost will melt away and the sun will rise high the sky ready for another cricketing season.
Kate xx

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

#BloggersGroupHug 13

BloggersGroupHug is all about S.U.S, Support, Unity and Similarity. Read all about it here and join in.

This week Jade has given us the word MOMENT.

It’s a moment in time that you can never get back. You can’t go back and change the past and you’ll have to wait a minute until the next. So while we’re here we may as well look around. Appreciate what is here. The quiet shufflings of those going about their business, the ever changing light that surrounds us and the fabulous colours of nature. All should be treasured in this moment as it will never come around again. You eyes and ears will never experience the same. So breathe in today.

Kate xx 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Why You Don't Need the Gym

The first time I had really thought about working out was 4 years ago. I wanted to get stronger and improve my stamina so that my cricketing game was heightened. However at that time the gym seemed such an alien concept to me. It was somewhere that super sporty people went. I had no idea what I'd do once I got there and was a bit dubious. It was easier to not work out than plunge into the unknown.

Fast forward a couple of  years and I had lots of good intentions. I actually rung up the gym and got all the details. I then looked at the price. I know 35 pounds a month isn't extortionate but when you not earning high wages this just seemed a bit steep. I could think of so many other things to spend the money on. Also I was worried that I would commit. I'd go a couple of times and it wouldn't work out. I would have wasted my money.

So I decided it was time to find a way of improving strength that suited me. I turned to Pinterest as a source of inspiration ( you can find me here if you would like a snoop). Combined with my own knowledge in sport and exercise I created myself my own little sequence of exercises.

I've created it to be simple to do and not take up much space. I don't need anything to do it apart from the bit of paper it's written on (because I'm mega forgetful). On Youtube I've found a 30 second interval counter which has made me much more motivated. If I know I can't stop doing the exercise until the 30 second beep I'm much more likely to carry on. I put a bit of motivating music on as well and I'm away.

The places I do it round the house aren't conventional. The landing was a bit of a dangerous one as I was constantly scared of falling down the stairs. I now do most of it in the spare room. There's limited space so I'm always crashing into things. I woke the whole house up the other week as I was loudly jumping around doing burpees. But most importantly I'm enjoying it. I feel comfortable to do it at home. I go at my own pace and don't feel pressured or like people are looking at how well I'm doing it (most of the time not fantastically).

I manage to do this for at least 15 mins 3 times a week and I can feel the difference. The first I attempted the plank I could hardly hold it for 30 seconds and now I'm up to a minute. My best time to do it is straight away when I get up in the mornings. after 15 minutes of exercise I can reward myself with a yummy breakfast. It works. Once you get in routine it's pretty easy to keep it.

So all in all, for now I've decided I don't need the gym. I can achieve the increased strength I'm looking for on my own at home. Don't feel that the gym is the only way you can get fit. There's so many other ways that you will find one that you enjoy.

I'm going to be updating a little of my fitness journey with you as I go along. I'm hoping to try some new exercise activities and find more that I love doing.

Kate xx

Thursday, 15 January 2015

#BloggersGroupHug 12

Having missed a few #BloggerGroupHug posts I was excited to get back into writing this one. 

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This week Jade gave us the word PEN

My pen lays dormant. Having not written for ages, it is clunky as I pick it up.  I find it hard to meld my hand round the pen long enough for a stream of consciousness to fall onto the page. Suddenly mid word, mid sentence I have clammed up. I don’t know what the next word shall be or even how to shape the next letter. I’m contending with a trickle or disjointed words that one day I hope shall flow like lava.  The pen will be active again and erupt on my paper, fluently articulating my points.

Kate xx

Monday, 5 January 2015

A New Fact About Me

I pressed enter and suddenly wondered if I'd done the right thing. Despite telling a few friends who were completely supportive it's very different to tell the world. To tell people where you don't know what the reaction is scary. But in line with my goal of finding confidence in myself for this year I've decided to share something personal to me.

In my tweet to the lovely lot at #Happyselves I simply replied "To come out to as many people as I feel comfortable with" to their question about goals for 2015. I've thought about it a lot and for the past couple of years I've been slowly readying myself to come out. But as I pressed enter I found my tummy squirming. I felt tense and worried. Why should I? I'm just giving you another fact about me, but nevertheless it's a scary moment.

And now I'm sharing this with my blog friends too. Here goes.. I'm gay.

Now as I press the publish button it will again be with trepidation. However this year is about me. Not having to censor my life for the sake of others. I want to feel comfortable and confident in who I am. I feel sometimes I hold back. By not saying anything, I am in fact lying. I want to be honest, to truthfully live my life.

So I say a massive thank you to the wonderful ladies who sent supportive messages to me tonight. To Beth and to Lizzy thank you. I appreciate those message and words of encouragement so much. I will treasure them just as I treasure my best friend smiling and saying "I know".

Kate xx

Friday, 2 January 2015

A Little Bit Excited and a Huge Amount Scared

Does anyone else find the new year hype a bit scary?

I must have read about a million post sharing their round up of 2014 and goal/resolutions for 2015 (I'm not adverse to a little exaggeration, but it was a lot!). I've caught up with old friends who have had an amazing year and they've shared their plans and aspirations for the next. This all makes you reflective. It was you look back at the year you've had and how you may want to improve with another year.

And to be quite honest the future terrifies me. How I'm supposed to know what I want to be doing in the future, I will never know. It made me feel that my future wasn't quite as good as those other people I'd been reading about or talking to. I've talked on the blog before about how a couple of months ago I lost my mojo.  I lost confidence in being able to do the things I've always loved to do. I felt like I had no idea how to coach anymore. I was boring and useless. And then I got ill and the odds just compounded. The confidence got knocked out of me and I had no idea how I was going to get it back, but I knew a rest was in order. So I've spent most of my 2 weeks off snuggled in my dressing gown doing not a lot.

So despite a whole lot of rest, nothing has been achieved. This culminated in crying on New Years Eve while eating a whole pack of chocolate fingers with my Mum. I still don't know how I'll going to retrieve my illusive mojo and be confident in my own abilities again. I feel like some of the plans I have for 2015, although exciting, may be beyond what I'm capable of and that scares me. And there again I feel like the things I am doing are not up to the standards of what I should be doing.

Now this post is not all going to be doom and gloom. I decided that the best thing to do was list some of the things I am proud of from 2014 and tentatively try to add confidence into my 2015:

  • My first steps into a stronger, healthier me. I've been working on strength and conditioning work now for a couple of months. Do I do it everyday? Have I ever stepped into a gym? The answer is no to both of these questions. However I am taking it at my pace and I am starting to be able to feel the differences. I can hold positions for longer and it's starting to help my sport.
  • Becoming a county coach again. This one is a minefield of not knowing if I'm good enough and not wanting to let the players down, but I am so proud to have been asked to do this again. Honoured to be able to help develop the players further. I'm also massively proud of the summer I had coaching all of my players. The enjoyment and progress was enough to bring a tear to my eye, because I'm soppy like that!
  • Making it to 50 followers on Bloglovin. 53 to be precise. Now for someone who has been blogging for nearly 2 years this probably isn't that many, but I promise you I am grateful for every single one of you who read this blog or even give a cheeky follow. Thank you!
  • Changing jobs. Around Easter time I made the big decision to leave one job and join another smaller company, but were I would have more responsibility and better working conditions. It was hard as I left many friends and a company that had given me great experience. However I do really enjoy my job even though it has been hard to gain motivation recently. 
So I honestly don't know how I'm going to find me mojo and bring confidence into my life, but I know it'll be a funny little road that I'm prepared to walk slowly in order to get there.

Kate x