Sunday, 1 March 2015

Snow Musings

Recently I've been taking more time out of the day and just writing. Sitting down and letting the words tumble out of me. Whilst the weather back at the beginning of the month was being less than pleasant, I curled myself up, peered out of the window and the result is this little passage:

It started in the afternoon. From out of the window a snowflake caught my eye and suddenly a flurry started. There was no warning to its beginnings, but once the first flake had fallen the symptoms came suddenly. The sky turned a white-grey tone and the flakes were blending in as they fell. Until they fell quite obviously, freckling every surface. They then blend back into anonymity as the blanket forms. No single flake can take responsibility, but all together they have changed the look of the world. As darkness falls I am still gazing out of the window into a blue hued world. A dusting of icing sugar punctuated only by the warm orange car headlights infrequently making their slow progress.

It reminds me of a quote I once read

"A single raindrop never felt responsible for the flood"

Kate xx


  1. What a wonderful winter wonderland of a post :) Believe it or not, I've only seen snow once in my life (you have to drive into the mountains to see it in Cape Town!) But I felt like this really captured the mood & spirit of it all. Lovely as always xx

    1. Feels funny to post just as spring may be on its way. I love snow and always wait for the time of the year when it blankets everything. You are missing out! Although I am very jealous of your weather too xx