Thursday, 23 April 2015

Little Things Mounting Up

Little things have mounted up into a whole pile of stressy things recently. Work has been completely non stop. I literally can't remember the last time I had a day off and I'm not in much before 10pm most days. All this has culminated in a no sleep, eating random things at random times, grumpy kind of Kate. I don't like it at all. Last Saturday I was watching a film with friends and I just started crying. Baring in mind this was a comedy, I had no clue why tears were rushing down my face. An hour later with my best friend holding my hand and with me in full process of ugly crying, I could not stop myself. Much as I tried my body was shaking and I could not calm down.

This has left me down for the last week. Irritable and non motivated.

So I give you, a list of things I'm trying to do to make sure I'm feeling more myself:

  1. Get enough sleep! This sounds simple, but I'm a monster without sleep. If I don't get my 8 hours, I've started trying to fit in a nap around work or at least take some time out to just have a lay down and rest. My work hours are so random that this works a little easier than trying to fit in a long sleep sometimes.
  2. Make sure I have breakfast. I get hangry! Don't we all? So starting off the day right is important. Even if I just grab a cereal bar as I run out of the door (because I've been trying to maximise my sleep) it's got to be something.
  3. Have snacks, will eat. I'm always packing a couple of snacks with me. Then if I miss out on a meal (with my ever changing schedule this does happen) I can still keep up my energy levels.
  4. Try to let some things slide. I cannot be everywhere and helping everyone, much as I'd love to. Therefore some things are having to take a back seat so that I can get myself pepped up again 

Basically I just need to look after myself a little more. If anyone has any advice please do let me know, because not feeling myself doesn't feel great.
Kate xx