Monday, 4 May 2015

A Dose of Orange

I have to say orange is not my favourite colour. It's a little bit brash and in your face for me, but when I sat down I seemed drawn to it. It seemed like Spring may have got into my bones and made me want to use all the different bright, warm colours. The top double spread is a real layering up of different bits and bobs. There's some printing, watercolour, acrylic and some doodling over the top. I did my background with all the warm colours and then decided it needed a contrast. So low and behold we got bright blue circles which I instantly disliked. So I can back to it and added the doodlings and I think I can just about handle the circles now!

Can we just have a quick shout out for the wonderful Spring flowers that we have right now? We have bluebells, primroses, daisies and my depicted tulips. The riot of colour that they bring really makes me smile even just for the split second that I drive by.

I love how every time I sit down with my sketchbook I find myself forming s theme to my work. Do you feel drawn to a particular colour dependent on the weather, time of day or even mood you are in?

Kate xx


  1. That first double spread is just utterly beautiful. You are so good at abstract, I really love them. (Actually, you're good at everything but /shrugs/). And I like the blue. Blue is my favourite colour.

    1. Thank you!! You are too kind. Blue is my favourite colour too. Probably why I went for it.