Friday, 15 May 2015

Sneak Peek into my Scrapbook 4

Today is a colourful one. This week I have been looking out for those positive moments in life. The moments where you just have  to breath because your insides are all warm and fluffy. Because sometimes your insides can just be a bit grey and dreary. Nothing spectacular happens and you're just bobbing along. Feeling a bit "meh" about life. This week I've really tried to cheer myself up and find all these positive to turn my life from grey to technicolour.

The top quote I found in a little book gifted to me by a friend. It's a book of happiness and has many quotes and sayings that perk me up. This one jumped out at me. I really hope I bring a little sunshine into others lives so a little rubbing off on me wouldn't go amiss. It even warranted a page in my scrapbook.

The second page was done whilst my mind wandered. I scribbled mindlessly and painted without too much thought. It was calming to add random colours and patterns to the piece. I had time to think and create in my head.

What colourful moments have been brightening your week?
Kate xx


  1. I love your little scrapbook insights and how they reflect your moods! :)

    Em xx