Friday, 30 October 2015

Of course I can change a wheel

Let's first talk about the fun part of yesterday's outing. Before I get full out ranty. 

Me and Mum spent the day pottering around the historic village of Dunwich. I had visited Dunwich as a child on a geography school trip. All I remembered about the trip and therefore the village was measuring the length of pebbles and throwing oranges into the sea. Maybe it was something to do with long shore drift, maybe my school was just weird! Anyway it had been years since either of us had been. 

We started our visit in a little cafe on the top of the hill called Dingle Hill tearooms. Here we had a lovely lunch surrounded by trees. It was so secluded and enclosed that you could have been anywhere. After warming myself on toasted sandwiches and the thickest hot chocolate ever, we decided to wrap up and walk along the coast. It was blinking windy and a bit of a grey day, but the red boats along the shore gave welcome colour. This was once a major port, but much of the town has fallen into the sea. It's said that you can still hear the bells of the church toll from the seabed!

After a bracing walk we were ready to stick the heating of the car right up and warm up. However when we got back to the car we found we had a flat tyre. Bit of a nuisance, but both of us are more than capable of changing it. So we got on with it. That is until a middle aged man decided to come to our rescue! He stood as we worked. Literally just stood there watching. Commenting every 2 minutes with gems such as 'My wife would even know how to find the spare tyre' and 'Wow I didn't think you were going to be able to undo that'. And did not help once. But we didn't need him to. Before I was able to drive I was able to change a tyre. I have always been independent and do not need others to help me. It was the blatant fact that he didn't believe I could do it that annoyed me. Yes there will be some women that don't know or can't change and tyre, but I willing to bet some men can't either. Just because I am a young female does mean I am not capable of changing a tyre. Then once we'd done he sulked off with the passing words of 'My wife won't be impressed that I just stood watching'.

So we successfully ate lunch, had a walk and changed a tyre. Have you been in a situation where you are perfectly capable and someone doesn't believe you can?

Kate xx

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