Friday, 6 November 2015


When life gets crazy and pressures build up I always take myself to the beach. It calms me. Maybe it's the assurance that whatever happens in life, waves will come in and out. They will still crash into the sand, drawing pebbles back into it's depths. I look out to the sea and see the white topped waves crashing closer and my troubles seem to wash out with them. As the waves break onto the shore they also break into my thoughts. Swirling them round and taking them away until the sounds of the lapping lulls me to calmness.

It could be the enormity of looking out to sea. I am so lucky to be able to look out onto the North Sea. I know that the next land is France. In relation to the forces, power and magnitude of the sea my problems and worries seem insignificant. I am a small dot on the surface of the world. I think it's the feeling that you are not the centre of things. It's a place to get lost in whilst staying still.

When I stare out to sea I feel my mind is blank. This is good. It means I'm not worrying or pressured, I'm just me.

I think it's important to find somewhere to be calm. Where's your place to be calm?


  1. It's so lovely you have such a beautiful spot to go to. Life is so chaotic for me. For me something calm is being alone with no one else telling me what I can/can't do. I guess it presents itself in many ways. Also being by the sea on holiday is my perfect place.
    Bee |

    1. I am so lucky to live near the coast! I forgot to say that definitely I have to be alone. It's the space to be yourself inside your head and unmuddle everything.