Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #4

This week has been pretty darn super. I'm feeling a bubble of happiness in my core and I feel like the wind down in pace of life has been a major factor in this. I need time to recharge and reboot and it's helping immensely. I've mainly been organising lots of things for the future and getting my thoughts into a plan. It's given me a chance to do lots of things that I enjoy that have been on hold because I haven't had time for them. Plus spring is poking it's nose in and I always feel rejuvenated with the new growth in nature.

And without further ado let's plunge into wonderfulness...

1. An overnight stay. Having my own space to be. A double bed with crisp white sheets and being able to do things exactly when I wanted to. I also treated myself to a meal out. It's the first time I have had a meal in a restaurant on my own. Despite being really nosey and listening to the various conversations around me I actually got a lot of thinking and planning done. I felt really awkward to start with, but one pizza and a gooey brownie dessert later I felt much better. Also my observations mean that I'm pretty sure I could run that kitchen!

2. Exploring. I had a couple of hours exploring the city of Lincoln last week. I climbed Steep Hill and took in all the little shops along the way. There was everything from vintage clothes and artwork to maps and home wares. Once I reach the top I explored the castle and cathedral area. I love how different architecture stands in such close proximity. I just wish I'd had my sketchbook to record everything. I like to walk around new places in my own time. Without a map or a plan, but finding lots of interesting places along the way.

3. Spending time with my Grandma. Last Wednesday it was my Grandma's 82nd birthday. I really enjoying spending time with her and we chat about everything under the sun. For her birthday, I took her out for tea and cake in a local tearooms. Afterwards she took me to the shop she used to work in and then we took a walk around the castle gardens. She told me she hadn't walked around there since she used to eat her lunch there in her twenties. It was so lovely to hear stories of her youth and despite the wind being very forceful we had a thoroughly lovely time.

4. Being told I seemed confident. WOW! Now a month ago I'd never have thought someone would say this, but it made my day, week, month! I may have (whisper it) had an interview, but more to come on that...

5. Helping friends. My friend is off to India tomorrow for a 15 day trip to work in a nursery. On Monday night we spent hours packing and getting everything ready. This included all of the toys, books and clothes that she is taking with her for the nursery. She's really nervous, but this is going to be such an amazing experience and I'm so utterly proud of her.

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Kate xx


  1. Huge congratulations to your grandma, that's grand old age. It's always nice to spend time with someone who has so many lifetimes worth of knowledge, it feels like a gift.
    And I did the eating on my own thing not that long ago for the first time in an age and actually thoroughly enjoyed it. I think that, once in a while, it's nice to have that space to just sit and be and watch the world go by (cracking for creative juice flowing!)
    M x

    1. I really should have taken myself a notebook so I could record all my creative thoughts!
      My Grandma is just fantastic and I love her so much.

  2. This is a jolly good list and i concur with each and every point!!

    You can't beat exploring a new city {on your own - people watching is the best!}, my gran lives hundreds of miles away and i miss her so much - spending time with older people from a totally different generation to ours is amazing but its even better when its your gran. And don't get me started on eating out alone. I've never ever done it but would quite like to. I'm a regular frequenter of a solo coffee/tea date with nothing but my own thoughts, a notebook and a little people watching. I could spend hours that way!

    And hurrah for Spring - today is the first day it has actually felt Spring like up here - bright blue cloudless skies {even if it was -1 and my little fingers were numb even beneath my woolly mittens!} and bright bright sunshine. It was so nice to wander slowly, breath in the air - because is there anything better than fresh Spring air and just take it all in.

    Thanks ever so much for joining in. After now having a little selection of Wonderful Wednesdays to read each week now i'm beginning to realise how cathartic they are to read and not just to write.

    Much love to you MEGA crossing everything for your interview, do let me know how you get on xxxx

  3. It sounds like you had a lovely time in Lincoln. I remember so clearly the first time I ate a meal alone in a restaurant, feeling nervous and sure everyone was looking at me. Now I love eating alone!

  4. I love these Wonderful Wednesday posts! How lovely you've had such a good week - I think it's great to spend time alone, going out to restaurants etc. Lincoln is somewhere I'd really like to visit - it sounds so charming! Miranda xxx