Friday, 11 March 2016

21st Birthday Week

On Monday it was my 21st birthday and I thought I'd share what I got up to. I spent most of my birthday on my own which was quite a weird experience. I woke up to an empty house. I choose to go exploring and took myself into Norwich. With it being my closet city, there are still so many parts of it that I'm yet to explore. The Cathedral is one of those places that you always mean to visit, but never have the time. I love looking at different architecture and the area around the cathedral is full. There are small flint cottages right up to the impressive cathedral. It was a miserable day weather wise so I quickly skipped through the herb gardens and surrounding areas so that I just made it before the hail came.

I also took a long wander through the Norwich Lanes. I love this area of Norwich. It's away from the main shopping centre and has so many wonderful independent shops. I didn't realise quite how big the area was though! I rambled for a good hour, stopping to peek into windows as I went.

After all of that a good sit down and a cake was in order as well as a browse of a good book shop (anyone hollar if you've read Bounce, I'm part way through and absolutely loving it). A warm up and a raspberry and chocolate muffin hit the spot and then I waved adios to Norwich.

My mum had secretly booked for us to eat and The Wentworth. This is an impressive hotel and restaurant right on the sea front at Aldeburgh. I love the coast so much so it was a lovely surprise. We ate such beautiful food including my amazing dessert below (Mango parfait with raspberry sorbet if you're interested). I can't gush about this enough. The taste explosion in all of my food was amazing. I think I may have used amazing too much, but honestly it was! Plus I think ever meal should include a sun shaped tuile biscuit

We then settled after dinner in one of the comfy lounges to chat. It's great to have time with mum with no distractions to just chat.

Then on Tuesday my friends cooked for me. They brought balloons, a birthday sash, a big badge: I felt 13 again! They had cooked me a cake and I stood there awkwardly whilst they sung Happy birthday and then blew the candles out. We talked about the future, we talked about now, we talked into the night. I love those girls so much!

excuse the slightly weird , blurry action shot, but I don't care it's ma birthday!
I even managed to extend my birthday into Wednesday when my Grandma and Aunt took me out for even more cake!

I have had such a lovely birthday filled with cake, friends, family and fun. Here's to making it through another year!

Kate xx


  1. Ahhh so beautiful! I used to be able to see Norwich Cathedral from my office window every day - miss it!

    1. Lucky you! It's beautiful. Have you got such a good view in Newcastle? x

  2. YOU SPENT YOUR BIRTHDAY AT HOGWARTS. Looks like you had a lovely day, and you were spoiled rotten! :)

    Kelly // Velvet and Vibranium