Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #8

Happy Wonderful Wednesday to you all. This week I'm getting a little restless. I'm moving towards the end of my not-working-that-many-days-a-week period and I have say I'm super glad. I can't wait to be busy again. I've really enjoyed needed this time off, but characteristically also I need to be busy. Therefore with the cricket season approaching I'm looking forward to coaching lots. This week has been about focusing myself so that I'm right ready to crash into full time work, evenings and weekends after Easter. I'm probably crazy!

Also I can just feel spring in the air. We've had such a lot of sunny days. Those crisp ones where everything is bright and cheery, but you still have to wind a scarf round your ears. Flowers are exploding with colour and I actually smelled freshly cut grass this week!

Without further ado, let's talk about all the things that have made me smile this week:

1. Theatre trips. In past couple of weeks I've been to the theatre twice. Before that it must have been November since I went last. So this week I'm feeling all cultural. The first play I went to see was called Toast. Honestly it was weird and I'm not sure I'd recommend it at all. Maybe it's just because I'm not sophisticated, but I'm not sure I want to watch a guy eat a piece of cheese in silence for ten minutes! Anyway last weeks performance was heaps better. I went to see Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty. I'd heard great things about Matthew Bourne's choreography for a while and when a show came to Norwich it was a great time to catch it. The dancing was magical, costumes fantastic and a brilliant evening. I love the magic of going to the theatre and when tickets are just a fiver I should really go more.

2. New bags. My friends know that I don't do what I call 'tatt'. Items that have no purpose. Maybe things to put on a shelf, or the hang in a room looking pretty. It doesn't appeal to me. That doesn't mean to say I don't like pretty things, they just also need to be practical and useful. So when my friend bought me a beautiful backpack in a light denim with pink polka dots for my birthday I loved it! I use a backpack all the time as my coaching bag and my one has been slowly falling apart with use so it was just perfect. I've already transferred everything over.

3. Music as memories. Isn't it funny how hearing a song can transport you back to a time and place? It can spark these emotions that you'd forgotten all about. This week I've been taking a trip back through my music collection. Revisiting memories along the way. I've been sharing them with friends and in turn they've shared theirs. The song my friend said was playing when they brought their son home from hospital. The song that reminds me of my first crush. The song that was my friend's dad's favourite before he died last year. The song that was playing at prom...

4. Fresh Meat. I know, I'm late to the party on this one. As the new series started I wondered what all the fuss was about so I started watching the back series to catch up. It's funny and alternately makes me mega excited to going to uni and scared as to what it'll actually be like when I get there! Also I LOVE Vod's style. Especially the suit wearing.

5. Wearing my shorts. Yes, you heard right. It's March and I decided t get my legs out. It's been lovely and sunny and I feel so much more comfortable in shorts anyway. And now I've shaved my legs I've got to make the most of it come rain or shine!

6. Loading up on veg. This week I've consciously being trying to add more vegetables into my meals. I've really slipped up on my healthy eating recently (see last week's mountain of cake). Therefore this week has been all about adding peppers, tomatoes, onions and so much more to fajitas, pizzas and pasta sauces. I'm looking forward to making even more recipes and I've just remembered I have a pineapple to eat too.

Does anyone get that thing where they forget that Wednesday comes after Tuesday? So yes I completely intend to have this post up bright and breezy on Wednesday morning, but I always forget until I wake up on Wednesday and then get typing. However I love writing this post. It makes me look back through the week and appreciate the good bits.

Much as I love writing this post, I think reading posts from SallyMichelle and Helen may just pip it to the post with loveliness. All these ladies are fab and I'm so grateful to be part of their merry crew. The brighten my Wednesday every week. If you'd like to get involved comment, share on twitter with #wonderfulwednesday (I'm @appreciate_day on there) or even right your own post. I'd love to hear what's making your week lovely.

Kate xx


  1. Wow I'm impressed that you're wearing shorts already, I'm still shivering in my winter coat! I need to get on the new series of Fresh Meat...

    Liz x
    Distract Me Now Please

  2. Hello lovely one! Thanks again for writing along! This is a lovely list - i'm especially appreciating the sunny days - oh i just can't WAIT until it's light enough after work to feel like there's a whole other day left for the taking. The photo at the top of your post is so lovely! I'm also a massive lover of all things music and have been enjoying having my ipod {filled with gazillions of songs!} on shuffle lately. I love getting one random song after another and taking a little journey back in time each time a new one comes on is just magical!

    And i don't think you're made for wanting to be busy! Hey you're talking to the girl who left a crazy busy job to go to an easy, 10-4pm one where she got bored in less than three months and so went back to said old job right slap bang in the middle of Christmas........ Couldn't be happier tho :)

    Have a lovely week lady xxxx

  3. SHORTS???? Oh bravo m'lady, bravo.
    What a week it's been eh? So beautiful!
    I know what you mean about music, I have certain songs that transport me right back to dancing around the lounge with my ma aged 5. So vividly.
    Glad you've been enjoying the week.
    I've had two days off this week and it was sunny both times. Feeling pretty smug about that!
    M x