Monday, 11 April 2016

Tattoo Ideas

For a long time I've considered a tattoo.

I know I want a crown. For me, a crown symbolises strength. It suggests that you've worked hard to become the best you can be. It symbolises the struggles I've overcome and my determination.

It will be placed on my ankle. I'm sure at some point I've spoken about my dodgy ankle and the fact that I was told that I'd never walk again. Here I am having proved all of them wrong and now majorly involved in sports. It won't hide any scars. I'm proud of those. It'll add to part of my body that works hard.

The deliberation has been going on for months, but this week I've ramped it up with some doodling. I've tried out lots of different styles of crown and photographed my favourites close up. At the minute I think I'm veering towards the 3rd photo with its triangles interlinked to make a crown. This fits with my last reason for having a tattoo. My best friend and I always refer to each other as the king and queen of coaches (the sports kind, we aren't buses). We are the dream team. I like how individually the triangles are geometric and cool, but together make the crown.

Tell me your thoughts: what are your favourite doodles? Have you got a tattoo? If so what is it? What made you decide?

Turns out I've got lots of questions!
Kate xx


  1. I love the one in the bottom picture, the one that's underlined!

    Meghan Sara /

    1. I like the simplicity of that one. Oh too many decisions! x