Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #11

This week has been a funny old one. A little frustrating due to work being cancelled (self employed woes), but that has allowed me to get on with lots of stuff at home. I don't think I've ever seen this much floor in my room, but that does mean I've realised the carpet's wearing through. Maybe I'll just cover it all in a nice rug or something. My mind wandered, didn't it?

It's funny how you find things you'd completely forgotten about when doing a major tidying blitz. I re found this photo from 2007 (someone had helpfully written on the back - well done past Kate). We had dressed up for a 70s night. In case you are wondering I was of course one of the village people. This week it was this beautiful girl's birthday and 9 years on I'm so pleased to still be celebrating with her.

And onwards before I get too sentimental. Let's talk about what's been making me smile this week:

1. Spending time with my brother. We spent Saturday road tripping to the seaside. The sun was shining and with the windows down we sung at the top of our lungs. Well, I sung really loudly and he complained, but after a while even he couldn't resist a bit of car karaoke. It was our first long trip out with him driving since he passed his test. I didn't take any photos we just talked and ate ice creams. I think my baby brother is turning into a proper functioning human being, albeit one that wears the same pair of jeans for at least a week.

2. The first sightings of bluebells. I feel like my wonderful Wednesday posts become like an episode of Spingwatch, but honestly I can't wait for carpets of bluebells. The one hopeful bloom at my usual spot makes me hopeful that the rest won't be far round the corner.

3. Making someone's day. The above mentioned friend with said birthday obviously needed spoiling rotten. Therefore it was my job to come up with a fabulous birthday present for her. I think I struck gold. To be honest I can be a pretty rubbish present buyer. I leave it until the last minute and then buy some meaningless bit of tat that nobody wants or needs. I'm trying to be better. I found something that she would like, that we can share the experience together and that builds on her goals for the future. Her reaction made it so worthwhile and I'm so looking forward to it.

4. Passing my Maths Professional Skills test. One down, one to go. I'm really sorry that every week I seem to be blowing my own trumpet, but every single thing I pass makes me one step closer to Uni in September and I'm so excited. It's possibly the most worried I've ever been for an exam as I know how must rests on it and how much I want it. The hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and a large apple and cinnamon muffin did wonders to calm the heart rate afterwards.

5. The first open windows of the year. Open windows now makes me think of Sally and her little attic room filled with fresh air with the amount she mentions it. She's much braver than me and had her windows cracked open with the chilly breeze of January. I waited until just this weekend when it was glorious to have the bird singing so close to by open window. There's this smell of open window that I can't quite put my finger on, but it lingers long after you bolt it back shut again. I have the most perfect window for opening as it has such a large overhang which means no rain will ever get in unless it's horizontal gale force. Therefore when the storm came I left it open just as wide. This heightened every aspect of that storm. I'll interject here that I love storms. I think it's the drama, the bigness of it all. As I was snuggled up under my covers it felt like the storm was happening right here with me.

There's a right little love in going on with these posts now with
SallyMichelle, JoEmmaCat and Helen all creating their own Wonderful Wednesday posts. You have no idea ladies how much of the warm and fuzzies I get everytime I read your posts or see your incredible words on twitter. I'm immensely proud to be a part of it and Sally is an angel! Please go and check out these lovely ladies' blogs because they are awesome. Did I use enough superlatives to convince you?

Let me know what's been making your week in the comments or on twitter (appreciate_day on there)

Kate xx


  1. Nothing wrong with a bit of trumpet blowing, you have to lead the way with the self praise! And well done you, that's awesome.
    Bluebells and seaside and warmness all made my list this week too, it's SUCH a nice time of year.

    And, I can't remember which social platform or comment you said it in but you are ALWAYS welcome to vicariously own a dog or two through me.
    Have a brilliant rest of the week lovely lady

    M xx

    1. I always think if I start the trumpet blowing I might just end up with a little brass band (although the wonderful wednesday crew aren't a bad one!).
      Hurrah for vicarious pooches!

  2. Congratulations on passing your math test!!! :-D

  3. ha HA! this made me laugh out loud so much!! The Mr and i forever argue about my window opening! Usually apparently when it's still too cold! But i just love the smell of outside blowing through our little attic - it's probably too cold today but here i am wrapped up - two tees, a cardi and a scarf - with our office attic window open as i type!!

    And bluebells - gaah i'm jealous! Our crocuses have died off and the daffs are just starting to dwindle {do i sound officially old yet?!} and so i'm hopeful they'll soon be replaced by some pretty bluebells.

    Big huge congrats on the Maths skills test - i hated maths at school - i was useless i really was!

    Sending love and lovely wishes for the rest of your week darling Kate xxxx

    1. I'm evidently not as hardy as you. I need some mild conditions before I brave the window, but I agree with loving the smell.
      I'm looking forward to bluebell carpets! xx

  4. Love a bit of window-opening! I do mine first thing when I'm all warm after being in bed. Then I cool down with the window open but warm back up again with my tea. Bliss. Well done you on the maths!!! h x

    1. Oh that sounds like bliss. Snuggled but with a chill and a cuppa. Thank you muchly! xx

  5. Oh I adoooore storms too! There's nothing cosier than being curled up in bed listening to the thunder crashing above you and the rain hammering against the window, or the roof (an attic room would ramp up the cosy in that scenario).

    Heaps of congratulations on passing your Maths Professional Skills test - that's amazing news! When you've worked hard, it's a-ok to be proud of yourself - great work!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, C xx

    1. Thank muchly my lovely!
      It's it just the best thing? If only I had an attic room. Somehow the contrast between being snuggled and the raging storm is perfect. xx