Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #13

My goodness I feel like I haven't stopped for the past week. It's been a blur of busy. I'm running on not much sleep which never makes for a happy Kate. However, everything has been so enjoyable that the lack of sleep can be forgiven. It does mean that I crash straight into bed when I get through the door. I'm just exhausted come the end of the day. Do you get these weeks? And is there anything I can do to pep myself up?

Without further ado I need to tell you all the happy things I've crammed into this week:

1. Being Brave. This week I had to drive to Birmingham and back, by myself, in a day. Birmingham roads were crazy busy and had so many lanes. For someone who doesn't own a sat nav and works off a few scribbled notes from google maps, I was really worried about the trip. Once I got there I was taking part in a national conference for cricket coaches. I didn't know anyone there, but I had so much fun. Learning about the newest ideas in coaching and meeting fascinating new people. The pain, the exhaustion and the nerves were all worth it for a great day. A year ago I would never have driven across the country solo, but I'm so glad I was brave.

2. Surrounded by fabulous ladies. I suppose this goes on from the last point. This conference was just for female coaches. Never have I been in a room with that many female coaches. We work in a male dominated field and won't meet each other regularly. Being in a room with 80 of us was fab. Everyone was supportive, shared ideas and chatted. There was inspirational speakers and lots of things to get involved with. Plus within that environment I felt less intimidated to say my thoughts than I possibly would have had it been a mixed conference.

3. Blossom. Wonderful Wednesday wouldn't be the same without a reference to the changing seasons and this week it's been all about the blossom. It's starting to be absolutely everywhere in such a range of whites through to deep blush pinks. Clouds of colour fill the trees and when the sun shines and the sky's blue, I am absolutely positive Spring is here!

4. Pesto Pasta. This week my friend cooked dinner for a group of us. She made pasta with a pesto and roast vegetable sauce and crumbled in feta cheese and it was utterly gorgeous. The proof was in the fact we all had seconds. An evening catching up with friends and watching First Dates and Creme de la Creme makes me very happy. Especially as we sat eating chocolate eclairs and ice cream in front of the TV. Sometimes there's no need to do big extravagant things with friends. Sitting in their company, talking about weird and wonderful topics and eating good food is enough.

4. Light of the full moon. Last night I got back from a very long and very enjoyable day. My eyes were drooping, and as I hauled all my stuff out of the car I looked up to the full moon. In my tired state the fact that I didn't need to try to work my phone torch in order to find my way to the door was a small happy/ relieved moment.

5. Hugs. Some stuff is rubbish. Sometimes you go through bad stuff. Sometimes the only thing you can give someone is a hug. It won't mend big things, but for those couple of seconds you can show someone that you care. That you're right there with them and you're not going anywhere. Make sure you hug the people you love.

6. Being outside again. I'd forgotten how much I miss being outside. The weather is changeable (Monday freezing, yesterday I got sunburnt) but I'm outside and free and moving. I've been cooped up inside for the past few months so the feeling of coaching outside is a bit freeing. I have views as I coach - yesterday looking over the harbour. When I'm inside I always find it stuffy and uninspiring. Buildings always seem to be kept and much too higher temperatures and I run round opening every window in sight and huffing and puffing as I move my heavy kit bags. I guess what I'm saying is, minus the sunburn, I am loving my job.

Now it's your turn. What has made your week extra special? It can be as big or as little as you like as long as it made you smile. Get involved by leaving a comment, letting me know on twitter using #wonderfulwednesday or even writing your own post. Leave your link if you do. You absolutely have to go and read the other Wonderful Wednesday gang's posts: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie 's blogs are fabulous. They make my day every week!

Kate xx


  1. Oh this might be my most favourite one you've ever written dear Kate! Go you for being all kinds of amazing and driving to Birmingham - i can just about navigate a pushbike around our pretty city so that my girl is bonus points!

    Love the pesto ref: we've been living off the stuff lately - so easy to make (its also fab swirled through leftover new potatoes too!) and leaves time for extra minutes outside in this lovely weather.

    Hugs are one of the very best things - sometimes you really can;t beat a great big bear hug.

    Sending one right your way lovely lady and thanking you for joining in again! Hurrah!

    Sal xxx

    1. Now I very much need to try pesto and new potatoes. It sounds like the start of a fab lunch. Sending a hug right back at you. You starting this Wonderful Wednesday gang doesn't half make my mid week happy.
      Kate xx

  2. Blossoms is a true joy of springtime and I always long for those few signs of them appearing. I hope your drive to Birmingham goes well too - it can be scary travelling somewhere on your own so I know how you feel! I also hope the hugs made things better too, when you're feeling low there's nothing better! Loved the shot of the blossoms too. - Tasha

    1. Drive all went well and conference was great! Just as I thought Spring was here it snows! Typical British weather.

  3. Kicking of the week with some bravery and a few inspirational sorts is a pretty good one eh? As is any week involving pesto. Next step - make your own, so easy and really really therapeutic.
    My week's been a toughie but highlights so far include my husband who has been a superstar and yet more holiday packing - I'll have not a thing left to talk about when this holiday's done.
    Have a brilliant rest of the week lovely lady
    M x

  4. Ahhh how impressive are you?! Heaps of well dones on the cross-country driving and I'm so pleased that the conference made it all worth it.

    I don't know how you can pep yourself up when you get home after a long day and an exhausting week, but I think that recognising when you're shattered and just letting yourself rest is important. Don't keep going and burning yourself out, just rest and let your body catch up. I didn't do that in the months leading up to Christmas and then got shingles on Christmas Eve - still feel like I'm owed a Christmas holiday! But yes, I've learned from it and think that recognising when you're tired is key!

    Have a lovely weekend sweets xx