Monday, 9 May 2016

Sunny Sundays

Yesterday was a long, hot, enjoyable day.

I spent hours in the sun coaching different teams at the lovely ground in the top photo. This is a ground I've never been to before and it's great to be able to travel around the area finding new places. The villages in the surrounding area were so pretty, with thatched colourful houses. My players worked really hard despite the heat and it was enjoyable, but hard work!

I then moved on to another ground and helped coach at a match. Again outside in the heat, the players were disappointed with their performance, but such is sport. Some days go your way and others you learn and improve.

After spending all day in the sun and reapplying sun cream liberally (I will not turn into a tomato again this year!) I sat down for the first time that day and chatted. I coached the second half of the day with my best friend. We were both pretty disappointed and talked through lots of stuff about the game. We share a common goal of caring deeply about the players and wanting the best of them.

As the sun slowly grew more golden it was time to head home. I love to drive on summery evenings. I have the windows open and the cooling breeze makes me feel refreshed. As someone cut their grass that summery smell wafted through my window, as did someone's BBQ. There's always music turned up in my car but singing along to Heart's All Eighties was perfect for a Sunday night.

I know my way back, but thought I would take a shortcut as I saw a sign to where I needed to be. Turns out, it definitely was not a short cut, but it took me some really pretty villages. Places I'd never been before and had it not been nearly 8pm I would have stopped to explore further. My stomach was also telling me to get a move on as you don't get time to stop when coaching.

However I had to stop at this wood. It's so close to one of my favourite grounds, but unfortunately that was locked when I arrived. The ground is in a clearing in the middle of this wood and is a beautiful place to play. The dappled sunshine, with its golden glow, made me stand and look at the details. The things we gloss over everyday. Don't we live in such a beautiful place!?

My weekends are full of cricket. My job doesn't finish at 5pm on a Friday. But I was having a conversation yesterday about how important having a job you love is because it's a long life if you are waiting for 5pm. I'm incredibly lucky to do something I love.

Kate xx


  1. These photos are just gorgeous Kate, I can feel the sunshine just beaming through my monitor as I scrolled through these! And I completely agree, a job you love is the best thing as the days don't feel as long and getting out of bed each day to head to a place you're actively looking forward to going to makes all the difference. - Tasha

  2. What a wonderful day and absolutely beautiful photos! It feels like everyone (and everything) is coming out of hibernation after such a cold few months in a row - this last, really warm weekend, seems to have made everyone instantly happier! Glad you're enjoying yourself - and definitely good call on the suncream.

    I was in Norfolk this weekend visiting my mother in law - I sent over a little inner wave to you!

    C xx