Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #17

It's now been 2 weeks since the last Wonderful Wednesday post. Where on earth has that time gone? The weeks are seeming to fly by recently. Last week was a bit of a rubbish one. My period came with a vengeance and all I could do was nap whilst cuddling a hot water to myself. A couple of weeks ago I spoke about how I was able to read in the little pockets of time between work. Well last week they were dedicated to half hour power naps that left me groggy, but at least I could do stuff without feeling my eye lids drooping continuously. Whilst I'm over the pain and the worst of the tiredness, I still feel like I need a bit of a boost to get me through the week. I'm missing that special something that throws you out of bed in the morning and into the day.

All that above is the reason why last week you didn't get a dose of Wonderful Wednesday around here. This week I have got you a bumper edition with lots and lots of smile making things.

1. The smell of Honeysuckle. As you walk up the path to my front door you are sheltered by a large cherry blossom tree. Several times I have wax lyrical about blossom this Spring, but today I will tell you about the honeysuckle that winds itself around the tree. I will tell you about warm evenings walking up the path to the fragrant wafts of honeysuckle.

2. Stopping. This week may have been over in a rush, but I have been taking moments of stillness too. Stopping to watch the sunset. Stopping to taste my sandwich rather than shoving it in my mouth on the move. Stopping to listen to the birds sing in the morning.

3. Eurovision. Every year my friend hosts a Eurovision party. She takes it very seriously: A chart has to be made and each country gets marks in different categories. We ate pizza and kept up a running commentary on the acts to rival Graham Norton. A lovely evening giggling with friends.

4. Swathes of Lilac. Lilac seems to be the colour of the moment. Hedgerows have suddenly come alive with the palest of purple blooms. Houses seem to be covered with dripping bunches of wisteria. I love how as the seasons change I see a different colour pop out. There always seems to be one colour I am drawn to.

5.  Wedding invites. I got the invite for my first proper (I'm an adult now and one of my friends in getting married) wedding. I'm super excited and happy for Claire and Tilley and can't wait to share their day with them. Is this another step on the road to being an adult because it sure feels like it?

6. Cuddles with Ben. That fluffy creature is sure to give you some love even if you are feeling low. Something about his warm coming to sit next to you and demanding to be stroked makes you feel better.

7.  One week until tour. In less than a week, I embark on a 3 day journey with 12 15 year old girls. We will play cricket, go to the beach, eat fish and chips, have ice creams, hope to have some sleep and have so much fun. I'm so excited, but really nervous. This is the first trip I have organised completely on my own so I'm anxious that it all runs smoothly. However this week when the shirts and trophies arrived I realise we are going to have such a good time.

8. The best carrot cake. Yesterday I had a lunch meeting, but everyone decided we would just have cake (can't beat cake people)! I chose a giant slice of carrot cake. It was chocobloc with nuts and fruit and had such a lovely creamy cheese icing. Made a boring meeting 20 times better.

Whilst this week hasn't been the big things. I think it's still important to find the little things that are positive and making you happy. When everything doesn't feel so great picking out the good does lift your mood. For more goodies that are sure to make you smile go and read the rest of the gang's posts:SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie. Or get involved on twitter with #WonderfulWednesday.

Kate xx


  1. What a super duper list of lovely dear and sweet Kate! I'm glad you're back! Periods are CRAP! I swear to god since i turned thirty {the less said about THAT one the better} it's like my body wants to remid me that i havent yet fully used my uterus - they are AGONY! Hot water bottles and little naps are just the ticket - sometimes you've got to listen to your body no matter what.

    I adore honeysuckle - whenever i smell it it reminds me of being little and living at home - we had the hugest honeysuckle bush in our back garden and it was so pretty smelling.

    Cake friends are the BEST friends! And carrot cake is my very favourite {i can sometimes be swayed by a victoria sponge if its sunny and there's a glass of Pimms on offer too...}.

    Have the fabbest rest of week lady xxxx

  2. The little things are really the best things though, they're the bits you find hidden there in the minutae of your life that make it all worthwhile in between the big stuff. Puppy dog cuddles make up ninety six percent of my happy little moments, I can't deny it.

    Sending you all kinds of luck for your trip away, hope it's all kinds of aces (and that the period woes are long gone in good time for it!)

    M x

  3. More pictures of Ben please, Kate! Your dog-loving audience demands it!

    Glad you're feeling better though, periods really are the absolute worst and you absolutely need to focus on looking after yourself and cuddling up with treats and a hot water bottle to get through those times. I'm completely craving carrot cake now after reading this...mmm. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week C xx