Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #21

Hello lovely ones. How are we doing on this mid week? I hope I find you all well and bursting with inspiration. I have to say I've been lacking a little purpose the last few weeks and it's really hit me off balance but a few things have pepped me up this week. Most of all I've been doing a few bits and bobs ready for uni. The closer it gets the more excited I am. The weather, because we love a weather chat, has been changeable as has my mood. The world is changing and we need to remember to love one another. Be kind, tell those you care about how much you love them and support others.

Now on with those moments that have been wonderful this week:

1. Bookshops. I spent Monday with one of my best friends. We been friends for nearly a decade now (wow, can it really be that long?), but she's just got back from university. To celebrate her amazing results and catch up we decided to go for a little shopping trip. Whilst we popped in plenty of clothes shops we spent way more time in bookshops. We flitted around the shops picking up books to recommend to each other, finding new ones that look great and getting excited. We both came out with a huge list of books we wanted to read and so much more inspiration. A day spent with my best friend was a perfect way to pep myself up and leave me feeling inspired.

2. Creating. This may go on from the last point as I think the inspiration definitely got to me. Although Tara @catstello on twitter also influenced me with her journal photos. Whichever way last night  managed to get my paints out again and start making a mess. I'd forgotten how good it is to let your mind wander with choices of colour and shape. Results soon I promise.

3. Strawberries. Does anything scream summer as much as strawberries? So colourful, juicy and yummy. I've been eating mine by the punnet. With yogurt, on there own or with spoonfuls of nutella because why not.

4. Adele. On Saturday night one of my favourite singers of all time put in one of my favourite performances of all time. Every single song took me back to a memory, either of where I was first time I heard that song or a moment that resonated. I had a little weep. She's a goddess.

5. The biggest desserts you ever saw. Huge. Whenever I choose desserts with someone we share to get the most of both. So therefore massive slices of lemon meringue pie and cherry roulade made it's way to our table. With ice cream and cream we dug into both puddings. Then had to fit for 15 mins to before we could even move.

6. Glitter. This week I have glittery nails and everytime I look down they make me smile. Sometimes it's the smallest things that give you a boost. Also my friend has started planning pride and it definitely involves a lot of glitter!!

I'm so happy that I have a gang of Wonderful Wednesdayers who are just fabulous. These girls are the best and reading their posts make me smile all over again. It's funny how the joy of strangers can have such an affect on you. I'd hope that in the months I've been writing these posts that the strangers have become friends albeit friends from afar. Please go and read their blogs: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie.

Join in: Comment with loveliness, use the hashtag on twitter #Wonderfulwednesday or even write your own post!

Kate xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #20

This week has been a little unspecial. Nothing has really made me whoop with delight. I feel a little like I'm just treading water until the next big thing. I think it's because I've just not been busy. Even though the cricket season is in full swing we've been really quiet this week. Add on to that the rain showers that have soaked everything, we've been cancelling things left, right and centre. I guess what I'm trying to say is I've had way too much time to stew this week. My mission for next week is to fill those pockets or gulfs of time with something I really love rather than wasting them away and feeling down about it.

Anyway, let's move onto more cheery things. Here are the things that have punched through the monotonous grey for me this week:

1. Nectarines. Eaten quickly, straight from the punnet, whilst leaning over the sink so that the juices don't run down your front. Eaten chopped up in yoghurt with every other fruit around for breakfast. Eaten as a refreshing snack when I get in from work. Eaten last thing at night when you just need something to tide you over after tea and you catch the scent of them as you enter the kitchen and know nothing else will do.

2. The colour white. I can now hear the voice of my year eight art teacher telling me that white isn't a colour it's a tone. Whatever it is, it seems to be taking over every crevice that is not overcome with green. From fluffy clouds of sheep's parsley to the faces of crowds of daisies. The trees are getting in on the act with elderflower blooming. Maybe this is the year I should make some elderflower cordial. I get through enough of it in the summer!

3. Surprising people. It was one of my best friend's birthdays this weekend and we were coaching together. I got to the venue mega early and decorated everywhere with banners and bunting. I greeted him with milkshakes and got a big card for everyone to sign. Of course there was the obligatory group singsong where someone (probably me) was very off key and of course there was plenty of cake! It made me happy to see that a little bit of preparation gave so much happiness.

4. Being proud of who we are. The attack in Orlando shock me way more than I thought it would this week. It made me scared to be me. But the overwhelming support of vigils around the country filled me with hope. Although I wasn't able to get to one the amount of people that did surprised and heartened me. The support for the LGBT+ community is huge. We will be proud, we will have the confidence to be us.

5. Cinema. It's been so long since I went to the cinema and I always forget why I don't go more often. Getting immersed in a story is something a little bit magical, but it does take a good film to grab me. Otherwise halfway through I find myself thinking about what I might fancy for tea tomorrow and miss the bit where the major clue that holds the whole plot together is revealed. However Saturday night I laughed, I cried and was completely immersed in the story. So much so that I hadn't even eaten my chocolate at the end of the film.

6. Car rides with those you love. I think car rides are the perfect time to catch up. My friends and I always end up singing along to some great tunes and giggling. There are no distractions in the car so you can truly give you time to each other.

That all for another week. This week more than ever I implore you to tell the ones you love how much the mean to you. Make sure they feel loved. Be true to yourself. Be brave and my emails are always open for those that need it.

For more doses of happiness please read my lovely fellow Wonderful Wednesdayers: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie. Share what has been making your week special in the comments or on twitter with #wonderfulwednesday.

Kate xx

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #19

Finally we have the return of the sunshine and am I glad to see it (although an appearance last week would have been marvellous). A cricket season with lots of rain s just a disappointment to everyone, but the sun has got its act together and given us some proper cricket weather. This kind of weather has me craving lighter fresher things and a slightly slower pace of living. Fortunately I've had a couple of days off this week and I've used them to maximum relaxation time.

1. Milkshakes. The ones that are so thick that you can't get them up the straw made my well known fast food chains. That are so cold that the condensation drips all over you. After a day in the full sun umpiring a game a chocolaty thick cold drink is perfect.

2. Reading. I have rediscovered my library card and the joys of so so many books at your finger tips. Yesterday I spent the morning choosing all the books I wanted. Then the afternoon saw me on a rug outside reading in the sunshine. Absolute bliss until some doggie thought the book was getting more attention than he was! Cue him sitting on the book and refusing to move until he had his fill of cuddles.

3. Catching up with old friends. Unexpectedly an old friend popped by and we had such a long catch up. He's recently come out and it was great to have someone in real life who has been through some of the same things I've experience and we can chat about it. It's the first time that I've talked about being gay with someone at home without that boiling scared feeling n the pt of my stomach.

4. Pride events. This follows on from the point above. I have spent some much of this week talking about, googling and arranging pride events. Hopefully some of my friends are coming along to our local pride to support and I'll meet up with others. I'm also thinking about coming into London. I went to my first pride this time last year and the difference in how I feel about it in a year is mindboggling. I'm happier to be me.

5. Daisies. The roadside at the minute is chocobloc with huge open daisies. They collect into giant frothy clouds near roadabouts and grassy edges. Interspersed with vibrant red poppies they give such cheer when I'm driving along.

6. The best cricket teas. Hands down, no arguments, it was amazing. This week I have gorged on homemade burgers, scones with jam and cream, rocky road, sandwiches so full that the filling falls out, every fruit imaginable, dips and veg... I could go on all day! The food covered 2 tables and all the players had to have a little digestion break before playing again. One of the many reasons cricket is damn good - we all stop for a meal halfway through.

7. Dungarees. I have been wanting a pair of dungarees for years, but I knew exactly what I wanted which made me picky. I found the perfect pair in M&S of all places. They fit like a dream, skinny fit through the leg with adjustable straps. The most denim coloured denim you could find - no distressing or fading just solid blue - with turn ups. I'm already imagining the endless possiblities of what I will be wearing them with.

So that's my week, filled with sunshine and all the lovely things that come with it. Now it's over to you. What made your week blindingly beautiful? Or maybe that little thing that has kept you afloat. Every single thing is worthy of a #wonderfulwednesday. Use the hashtag on twitter and make sure you read the other lovely ladies mid week posts SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie.

Kate xx

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #18

As I write this I have just managed to get 12 15 year old girls to be in the correct bedroom, in PJs and somewhere on the way to sleep. We have been on cricket tour for only 3 days, but I'm ready for my on bed and some sleep. I'm exhausted in a happy kind of way. The way that means you've been doing so much wonderful stuff that you sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. The weather has been pretty rubbish (absolute downpours and freezing) for the last couple of days which is not ideal for cricket!

This week as an ode to the tour and the various matches I am coaching this week all my wonderfulness is about coaching.

1. The enthusiasm and down right happiness of my squad. I have brought 12 absolutely fabulous players with me on this tour and I could not have asked for more from them. I have had compliments from umpires and opposition about their enthusiasm and how they hve played the game in the right spirit. Even when the rain came down I haven't heard one of them complaining, but have got stuck with all of our activities. They make all the long days, organising and hard work worth it.

2. That precious moment when someone gets something for the first time and it clicks and they get it. The achievement and progress you can see are fabulous.

3. The trust and honesty you can build up with players. I have worked with some of my players for nearly 5 years. They feel like family and now I chat with them about many things. Cricket, and sport in general, teaches so many life skills and we start to be able to help with that. I also have players that will speak to me very honestly about their game and what they want to do.

4. On Sunday I had a girl playing her first match. She hit 2 runs and was the most excited I have ever seen someone. On Sunday she caught the bug of cricket and we have started a lifelong love for the game. To think I was part of that is something special.

5. Watching players have fun. We smile and laugh so much when I'm coaching. I try to make all of our sessions as fun as possible. Even our strength and conditioning programme is done through a game. Even when the weather is grotty we still have a smile on our face. When I'm feeling down a session with an of my squads is sure to pick me up.

6. I'm so utterly proud of every single one of my players. I am proud of the progress, of the hard work they put in and the improvements made. I'm proud of the skills they show, the performances the put in and every match they play. I'm proud of the courage they show, the sportsmanship and enthusiasm.

7. The fact that I can make a difference.

I absolutely love to coach. This week I am using my work holiday to spend it on tour with my county squad and I'm so happy about that. What has been making your week special? Share it in the comments and go and find out what the fellow Wonderful Wednesday crew have been up to: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie. Or share on twitter (@appreciate_day) with #wonderfulwednesday.

Kate xx