Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #24

By now I think we well and truly have summer! Yesterday was hot, hot, hot. All I feel like doing is immersing myself in water to keep myself cool. This week has been equal parts frustrating and exciting. There's been so much stressy, frustrating stuff at work, but I've spent large periods of time enjoying myself with friends. I now have 4 whole days off work. For a busy bee like me (self employed problems) this is unheard of so I will be enjoying them to the max i.e. doing very little.

1. Beach. Yesterday I picked up my grandma and we headed for the beach. I love spending time with her, but because I've been so busy it's been ages since I saw her. We went the Southwold which may be one of by favourite places ever. We ate chips and ice creams. She told me it had been years since she'd paddled so we took shoes and socks off and jumped into the sea. It was such a welcome coolness in the heat of yesterday. Without a towel we just air dried in the warmth. Such a lovely day!

2. Birthday meals. One of my good friends was 21 last week. I talked about the fact that we went out for drinks in last week's Wonderful Wednesday. The very next day we went for a meal with her family and friends. The food was fabulous and HUGE! I had wisely put on my big trousers. You know the ones with room so that you can eat loads without a waistband cutting into you! The highlight of the evening was her mum's quiz on my friend. With facts needed such as how many hands her horse was, it all got a bit competitive!

3. Cards. This week I had the best card from a group of children that I have finished coaching. They had all drawn a picture of themselves and written about how much they loved cricket. It made me weep a little bit (I was having a stressy day and they really brightened it ok?) ps. yes that is me with a queen mask!

4. Water based cricket. The weather has been so hot that I decided to jazz up my sessions with water. I soaked all the balls in water so when they caught or hit it water sprayed everywhere. We also had relay races wearing pads and collecting cups of water. It went everywhere, we were very wet, but cool and having fun.

5. Cricket teas. Clearly cricket teas are a major part of why I play cricket. Why wouldn't you want to play a bit of sport in exchange for scones and jam and cream? Or perhaps chocolate brownies, lemon drizzle cake or flapjack. Or perhaps you would like raspberry cake, millionaire's shortbread or any of the other goodies on offer. In the last weekend I have sampled all of the above and they were all darn gorgeous.

That's all for this week. Hopefully I will be doing plenty of adventuring, relaxing and creating for the last part of the week. What has your week been like? What are you looking forward to? Tell me in the comments, on twitter using #WonderfulWednesday and go and find out what has brightened the rest of the gang's weeks: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie.

Kate xx

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #23

This wonderful Wednesday malarkey is becoming as tardy as me. I'm one of those people that just don't realise how little time I have to do things and suddenly deadlines creep up on me. This week, as usually I have been super busy and the writing of this little corner has been missing. I think that's kind of ok. But I did promise to continue this series and I wanted to see if I could even when I get busy. Having blogged for several years, I've never made it through a summer blogging consistently. However I think we could do with some positivity whatever day of the week it is.

This week has been a super quick one. Everything seems to be going long in a flash. It's all I can do to make sure I'm eating at the correct times and getting enough sleep.

1. Watching England play cricket. Firstly just take a look at the scene above. A warm evening under the most beautiful sunset. Fireworks, dress up and my lovely team mates, You may have even spotted me on TV, I was the one sitting next to the massive lion! It was such a lovely evening

2. Those beads of water that stick to your hair when you are the shower but haven't quite immersed yourself under the water. Because they look like gems and are so pretty

3. Confidence. This week I'm not championing my confidence (although it's not bad, thanks for asking) I'm talking about my ability to instill confidence. As a coach this is such a powerful tool in our armoury and this week I had an absolutely awesome sesson with one of my players. She came out of it a lot more confident and absolutely buzzing to play her first senior game. As a teenage girl that confidence in her abilities is so so important. It makes me so happy to make a difference.

4. Birthdays. Last night I spent the evening with a lovely group of people, many who I had never met, celebrating a great friend's birthday. I wish I'd taken photos as the bar had a lovely eclectic feel. It was large and spacious so our large group didn't feel like we were taking up space. Comfortably, we chatted and laughed. It was fun to talk for hours with new and well loved friends.

5. Onion Baguettes. If you've never had these they are a delight. Pieces of caramelised onions are spread through the dough. Crispy crust leaves soft bread inside and if you're lucky you can get them from the bakery still warm. They have been making my lunches extra special this week.

6. Friends that you can talk for hours to. This week has been full of long conversations. Whether it be in person, on the phone or by messenger we have chatted so much this week. On Monday evening my friend rung me for a chat which lasted over an hour and we only stopped because I eeded to go to work. However our conversations have been tinged with sadness as we discuss the difference in our friendships as I move away. They are strong, it will be different, but we remain friends.

So lovely ones, now it's your turn. Tell me what's jollying your week. Either comment below, let me know on twitter using #WonderfulWednesday or join in. We have bags more positive loveliness with the rest of the gangs posts so do go and have a read: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie

Kate xx

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #22

So, first off some of the keen eyed among you will notice that this should really be named Wonderful Thursday. Well sorry, it doesn't have quite the same ring to it. I'd been putting off the writing of this post because of business then I had a lovely evening last night (see below point 4) and it just didn't happen. But the gang agrees that the more wonderful we have the better so I'm allowed special dispensation for the week.

This week the realisation that I'm leaving in just over 2 months has really hit. I've now sorted accommodation and I've got emails flying in all over the place about university. It feels more real than ever. This week has hit me with all the things I'll be missing. Despite feeling like I'm waiting for the next big leap it's tinged with sadness. I'm going to miss the people here the most, but am so looking forward to it as well.

1. Sunsets. The colours of the sky is something that will never fail to fascinate me. Evening drives take twice as long because I stop every two seconds to stare into the sky. The other day I'd stopped on the side of the road to dream and someone stopped to ask if I'd broken down and whether I was ok. That moment of kindness was so sweet and unexpected.

2. Chips. After training this week all I wanted was chips. It had been a mega long day then I had run and worked hard in training so I could not be bothered to cook. I took a teensy (few miles) detour to obtain said chips but it was definitely worth it. Piled high on a plate with bread and butter, lashing of salt and vinegar and the pool of ketchup I ate them so quickly and ravenously.

3. Mid week meals. On Tuesday night I caught up with 2 of my best friends over burgers. After finshing work late in the evening it felt good to be able to squeeze in a couple of hours with 2 lovely ladies. Despite being hangry when I turned up, the large burgers and chips soon sorted me out and we spent the evening planning holidays and talking about weddings (not mine, not yet).

4. This has been a week of catch ups as last night a friend from school and I fnally made the time. Bearing in mind he lives only 10 minutes away from me I decided to cycle a la Miss Sally Crangle. I'm completely regreting that decision this morning as I'm fairly certain I have bruised my bum. However I can see why Sally is always on that bike of hers. I quite enjoyed pushing myself to go that little faster and whizzing through the still warm evening. Once I reached his house we talked for hours. He came out recently when he went to university and it was good to talk to someone who has experienced growing up in a similar situation to me. It makes me confident that going to University will be right for me.

So that's enough wonderful for now folks. For more check out the gang: SallyMichelleJoEmmaHelenCat and Katie, write your own post, share in the comments your wonderful or on twitter with #WonderfulWednesday.

Kate xx