Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #28

This fortnight has been overwhelming, amazing and such a change. For those of you that don't know on Friday 2 weeks ago I took the long trip south to Plymouth to start my university adventure. I left Suffolk not knowing anyone down here and within hours had become so close to by flatmates. I have now finished freshers week and have started lectures properly. I am just so eager to get started, I can't wait to be a proper primary school teacher.

1. Plymouth. I think I love this city. They call it the Ocean City and the fact that it takes me 5 minutes to walk to the sea makes me so happy. We had a faculty welcome party last week in a marquee on the Hoe. For those of you that haven't been to Plymouth this is a park overlooking the sea with a lighthouse in its centre. The sun was setting as we walked there and it was just beautiful. I have also explored a little - found a park, been to a seafood festival and walked a good 40 minutes to get to the cricket ground. The city feels so comfortable, it's a great halfway house for a country bumpkin to be in the city but not overwhelmed.

2. New friends. This week and last have been a buzz of meeting new people and getting to know them. It's so much fun to hear everyone's stories. The photo is of the first night I got here and my flatmates. Love them all! I also love that I'm meeting such a range of people that in my life back home I just would not have had any contact with.

3. Laughing. I don't think I've laughed as much I have in this week. Everything from sharing stories to having a competition to see who can wear the most amount of clothes at the same time (winner had 26 if you're interested) we made each other laugh.

4. Good luck cards. This is a soppy one, but at the weekend I finally worked out how I could get my post and found 3 cards waiting for me. They were all good luck cards. My Grandma had written me a long card all about how she was going to dig her allotment. Meanwhile friends sent me such motivating cards that I had a little tear escape. A good tear, one that knows I'm supported.

5. Starting lectures. In our first week we manly had introductions to everything, but the best day was PE day. I came back to the flat buzzing and my flatmates had to tell me to calm down. On only the second day of the course we had children come in to the uni and we planned and taught activities in groups. It was so much fun

6. Cooking. I am so proud of my cooking this week. I planned before I shopped and have cooked properly not just quick junk food. We're all eating really healthily in my flat which helps. Some of this week's menu includes cheesy pasta, cottage pie, spag bol, jacket potato, tomato pasta. Ok so I'm eating a lot of pasta, but that pasta is good!

7. Exercise. Once I had been here for a week I realised I had not exercised at all apart from a little bit of PE in lectures. I was starting to get achy and not flexible so woke up early one morning to get in half an hour of toning exercises and it felt so good. I felt able to move more freely and was ready for the day. Since, I've trained for cricket and done a zumba class. I've realised that for me it's so important to exercise. I'm really not interested in losing weight, but it makes me happier and helps my body move in it's best way.

So that's the week. I have so many more stories to tell, but only short windows of time in which to do it. Everything s happening so quickly and I've only been here for a week and a half, but it feels lke so much more. Today I have my first presentation so fingers crossed that goes well.

This Wonderful Wednesday gang (which I dip in and out of because I'm a little bit rubbish with keeping up with it) is the bran child of Sally who is fabulous. Please go and read everyone else's list, they are bound to put a smile on your face. The rest of the gang are here: JoHelenMichelleSarahCatSamEl and Kerri. Go and check them out, comment or find us on twitter with #wonderfulwednesday to share the good bits of your week.

Kate xx

Thursday, 15 September 2016

I Will Miss the Silence

Last night I walked. As the sun set it cooled the air to a comfortable temperature. I will miss the silence and solitude. During my walk I met only one cyclist who quickly whooshed past. An older gentleman who hardly looked up to see my standing on the verge. It is so peaceful at home. At first you think it's silence, but despite the quiet there are many sounds.

I could feel and hear my feet pounding on the road. Slopping slightly in the too-big welly boots. Then crunching the dry stubble on the field footpath. The birds saying their final goodnights as the sky slowly fades from the brightness of the day, through pinks and dusk to darkness as I return home. The background buzzing provided by an army of grasshoppers hidden amongst the tall grasses that line the roads.

Then a noise that cuts through the quiet. The local church is over a mile away, but the bells chime through the still evening clearly. Manned by volunteers the church bells ring sporadically and tunefully. For no other reason than to make a tune they play.

These sounds are small. They allow my brain to focus on the next move. A move that take me so far away from these sounds. To where walking down the road in your PJs and wellies is probably not advised. Where grasshoppers and birds will be replaced by cars and people. There will be a art of my that misses that silence, but I will have a different calm beside the sea.

Kate xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #27

This week has been all about preparing for Uni. It's only 2 days away now and I'm feeling every emotion under the sun. In true Kate fashion much of the packing is still to be done. Therefore I'm feeling highly unprepared and underorganised. That's getting me a little on edge, but I have an overwhelming excitement about it all.

I am absolutely loving how many #wonderfulwednesday-ers we have now. All these posts fill me with happy and reminds me that in everything there are little or really big moments that make us happy/smile. Please look out for the massive list of our gang at the end of this post and check out their blogs because they make my mid week!

1. A beautful moon. My mum text me to tell me the moon was beautiful and she wasn't wrong. This week the moon has been huge and so bright. I live currently in the middle of nowhere and getting back in the dark involves stumbling up the drive to light of my phone (falling over dog toys). However this week the moon has lit the way and the clear skys have shown thousands of tiny stars and t's a little bit magical.

2. Feeling like I'm on the right path. Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a school. This is one of the first schools I started working at when I left sixth form. The teachers and especially PE staff have been so supportive. In the last couple of years  have gone back a couple of time. Most recently I went back after Christmas and there was the first coaching I did after feeling so awful. The teachers have been encouraging and helped me apply for uni. Yesterday I was both in the classroom and on the field (refereeing football in that heat) and I truelly felt I was in the right place. I felt comfortable and happy in that environment. It made me so confident that the next step of uni to be a teacher is right.

3. Saying goodbye. This could be quite a sad one, but last night I went out for a lovely meal with friends. We went to Cosmo ( a sort of all cuisine, all you can eat buffet chain) which we'd all been wanting to go for ages. We ate until we could eat no more, with plates of the most random cross cultural foods. An evening of fun chat with lovely girls who I wll now only see on the screens of skype until Christmas. Big hugs and mushy cards as we left, I will miss them.

4. An incredible group of ladies. On Saturday my cricket team and I were scheduled to play our fnals day as I mentioned last week. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and we stood watching rain! The final has now been moved to next weekend which means I can't play. However I have had an ncredible season with these ladies. We are such a mix of people that would never meet outsde of sport, but they are so supportive and lovely.

5. Watching Pride. My favourite film watched after a long day of buying uni essentials. I cried once again, I can't help myself. If you haven't watched it, why on earth not?

6. Shaved legs. Usually I am a little bit lax with my leg shaving. Not because of any particular pont that I'm making, but just because it's such an effort! However when I do bother I love how smooth they feel.

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Kate xx

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #26

Wow, it's been a month! In that month so much has happened I feel like  haven't even sat down. It has been enjoyable, but exhausting and I'm so glad to have a couple of days recuperation before the long journey to university. This list will hint at a few of the exciting thing that have been happening, but also will highlight those tiny moments that make each day special.

I have really missed the blogging world but without the opportunity to sit down it has really taken a back seat. As with every summer, cricket takes a priority and being in charge of players they have to come first. You are on call 24/7 which is tough going but I absolutely love it.

1. Freshly cut hair. You know that feeling of swishy ponytails and soft ends. I've spent the whole afternoon stroking and playing with my hair. This is one of many little jobs that needed doing before I pop off to uni. I had a lovely time chatting with my hairdresser whilst she took a good 6 inches of my hair off. It feels all light and swingy and I can't help flicking it around.

2. New friends. Over the summer I have met so many new people and some have become such good friends. Memories include sitting up until 2 in the morning talking about anything and everything and then realising we had to be up at 6am to look after children again. That morning the hoody was definitely up and the players knew not to talk to me! We've spent lots of time sunbathing and chatting. People have done favours for me and I have helped them too. New people have offered me fantastic opportunities for the future which I am eternally gratefully for.

3. Reunions with old friends. When you leave school everyone splits. People go in so many different directions and it can be ages before you see each other again. A couple of skype sessions and emails never fully fills in the gap of a hug and a catch up. This summer has seen catch ups from across the globe. Stories from Berlin mixed with those from the stage. From building sites to India. From Australia to architects, I am honoured to have such a diverse groups of friends.

4. Beautiful surroundings; The Malvern Hills: Bath: rural Suffolk: the Cotswolds. The surroundings and the weather have played an absolute blinder this year. It's really not so bad getting out of bed seeing a mist slowly burning off the hills and being able to see for miles. Or walking myself to the top of Glastonbury Tor (no mean feat I'll have you know) only to be greeted by 360 amazing views.

5. Making lists. Those productive kind of lists full of important life things. Such as all the things that have to happen in the next week and a half before the big move. The list seems to just keep getting longer and I'm even ticking stuff off, but having it makes me feel under control. It calms the part of me that is slightly panicking that I'm moving to the other end of the country so very soon!

6. Thank yous. I am no longer a county coach. I finished last week and I have to say it made me so sad. I have been working with some of those players for 5 years and will miss them so much. But the outpouring of thanks they gave was just overwhelming. My last county game in charge was just phenomenal. The players were awesome they played with such a smile on their faces and each at their absolute best. The players and parents sent me emails and cards with such kind words that  will keep them forever.

7. Brunch. Because pancakes with maple syrup, pecans and natural yoghurt is always a good idea. A portion the size of my head is always a good idea. And as we had seen the amazing cakes on our walk in we could never leave without eating cake too although we were already full to burst. Enter the best raspberry and chocolate cake you ever did see. It took me a good hour to eat. I was so full I had to take breaks but it was just gorgeous.

This week is full of saying goodbye to everyone and tying up life here before I move next Friday. I have one more cricket match to play. The ladies team I captain have got into the county final so we will be putting our all in on Saturday. Wish us well!

I really hope that you have caught my lovely fellow #wonderfulwednesday gang over the summer because their positivity has worked wonders for pepping me up. Please visit JoHelenMichelleKateCatSamSally and Kerri for more smile inducing happiness. Or find us on twitter with #wonderfulwednesday.