Thursday, 15 September 2016

I Will Miss the Silence

Last night I walked. As the sun set it cooled the air to a comfortable temperature. I will miss the silence and solitude. During my walk I met only one cyclist who quickly whooshed past. An older gentleman who hardly looked up to see my standing on the verge. It is so peaceful at home. At first you think it's silence, but despite the quiet there are many sounds.

I could feel and hear my feet pounding on the road. Slopping slightly in the too-big welly boots. Then crunching the dry stubble on the field footpath. The birds saying their final goodnights as the sky slowly fades from the brightness of the day, through pinks and dusk to darkness as I return home. The background buzzing provided by an army of grasshoppers hidden amongst the tall grasses that line the roads.

Then a noise that cuts through the quiet. The local church is over a mile away, but the bells chime through the still evening clearly. Manned by volunteers the church bells ring sporadically and tunefully. For no other reason than to make a tune they play.

These sounds are small. They allow my brain to focus on the next move. A move that take me so far away from these sounds. To where walking down the road in your PJs and wellies is probably not advised. Where grasshoppers and birds will be replaced by cars and people. There will be a art of my that misses that silence, but I will have a different calm beside the sea.

Kate xx


  1. Oh wow this such a beautiful well written piece. You really can take silence for granted and get swept away in the day to day living and noises! It's really great to have that calming moment and appreciate everything, I wish I had more of those moments!


  2. Oh I love the silence of the countryside, it's the most glorious thing. But the sea, that brings it's own silence, I think you'll enjoy that once you get there!

  3. I know I'm late to this! But I hope you do find that calm by the sea. If you can find a quiet spot at a quiet time there's no better place for your soul than the sea (in my humble seaside dwelling opinion!)
    M x

  4. Lovely written post. Could visualise everything and every sound. Felt slightly relaxed just reading it.

    Love Hannah xx