Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #27

This week has been all about preparing for Uni. It's only 2 days away now and I'm feeling every emotion under the sun. In true Kate fashion much of the packing is still to be done. Therefore I'm feeling highly unprepared and underorganised. That's getting me a little on edge, but I have an overwhelming excitement about it all.

I am absolutely loving how many #wonderfulwednesday-ers we have now. All these posts fill me with happy and reminds me that in everything there are little or really big moments that make us happy/smile. Please look out for the massive list of our gang at the end of this post and check out their blogs because they make my mid week!

1. A beautful moon. My mum text me to tell me the moon was beautiful and she wasn't wrong. This week the moon has been huge and so bright. I live currently in the middle of nowhere and getting back in the dark involves stumbling up the drive to light of my phone (falling over dog toys). However this week the moon has lit the way and the clear skys have shown thousands of tiny stars and t's a little bit magical.

2. Feeling like I'm on the right path. Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a school. This is one of the first schools I started working at when I left sixth form. The teachers and especially PE staff have been so supportive. In the last couple of years  have gone back a couple of time. Most recently I went back after Christmas and there was the first coaching I did after feeling so awful. The teachers have been encouraging and helped me apply for uni. Yesterday I was both in the classroom and on the field (refereeing football in that heat) and I truelly felt I was in the right place. I felt comfortable and happy in that environment. It made me so confident that the next step of uni to be a teacher is right.

3. Saying goodbye. This could be quite a sad one, but last night I went out for a lovely meal with friends. We went to Cosmo ( a sort of all cuisine, all you can eat buffet chain) which we'd all been wanting to go for ages. We ate until we could eat no more, with plates of the most random cross cultural foods. An evening of fun chat with lovely girls who I wll now only see on the screens of skype until Christmas. Big hugs and mushy cards as we left, I will miss them.

4. An incredible group of ladies. On Saturday my cricket team and I were scheduled to play our fnals day as I mentioned last week. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas and we stood watching rain! The final has now been moved to next weekend which means I can't play. However I have had an ncredible season with these ladies. We are such a mix of people that would never meet outsde of sport, but they are so supportive and lovely.

5. Watching Pride. My favourite film watched after a long day of buying uni essentials. I cried once again, I can't help myself. If you haven't watched it, why on earth not?

6. Shaved legs. Usually I am a little bit lax with my leg shaving. Not because of any particular pont that I'm making, but just because it's such an effort! However when I do bother I love how smooth they feel.

Please check out the rest of the lovely ladies of the #wonderfulwednesday gang:  Helen, JoCatEmma, SamLaura and KerriSallyPetaSarahJasminMichelle and Eleanor. The number seems to grow every week and with it the happiness. Please let us know what has been making your week that little bit happier either here or on twitter wth #wonderfulwednesday.

Kate xx


  1. There's nothing better than when you realise your plans are starting to fit into place and you've made the right choices! Good luck with starting uni Kate! Number 6 made me giggle, but it's something I can totally relate to!
    Laura xx

    1. Thanks Laura. Got here yesterday and already lots going on! xx

  2. I LOVE that one of your things this week is realisation that you're doing the right thing with your life. Courage of your convictions is all well and good but sometimes it's really nice to have it reconfirmed for you in black and white. I suspect these last few days will be tough but once you get there I hope you'll be so busy meeting some awesome new folks that you won't give it a second thought.

    I have not seen Pride and I do not know why. On it.

    AND we've seen some beautiful moons in Devon this week too, hurrah for the universe.

    Happy last few days sorting lovely lady, sending you all kinds of luck for your new adventure.
    M x

    1. There are so many awesome folk Michelle, loving it already. It's such an adventure and all so new. Make sure you watch Pride - it's brilliant and made even better because it's based on real events. xx

  3. LOVE this list and i there are honestly not enough words in the whole wide world for how much love and luck i am sending your way for the next little chapter of your life! Cripes that sounds deep - but i have so loved reading along on how you're getting on here and i can't wait to hear more!

    Such a lovely list - i especially love the 'moon' reference as my mum does exactly the same thing! My parents are lucky to live up in Scotland in the middle of nowhere and the moon there is always so much prettier! That said there have been some crackers of sunsets lately and i'm grateful for those.

    Thank you for joining lovely one xxx

  4. What a nice feeling to know you are doing the right thing with you life!

    I must confess I have never seen Pride. Definitely going to change that!

    Have so much fun at uni and enjoy the rest of your week! xx

  5. Good luck with the move! Teacher training is such a gruelling but amazing time, I'm sure you will love it.

  6. Awww I love that you are feeling like it's your place in life and that you know where you want to be, that is such a fantastic feeling and one that I have never had. I am so pleased for you.

    I've never seen pride but I will attempt to fix that and let you know what I think.


  7. I'm so happy that you feel like you've found your place. I wish you all the best with the big move to University.

    I'm the same when it comes to shaving, that's why I love winter so much - you don't really have to make an effort aha. However, soft hair-free legs feel amaaaazing.

    I have never seen Pride, I'll have to add it to my watch list!xx

  8. It's funny to be reading this post knowing that you're now at university - I hope you're having a wonderful time and looking forward to hearing all about it on this page. From the moment I joined the Wonderful Wednesday group and started reading your posts, I was impressed by your enthusiasm for sport and passing on this enthusiasm (I think I even commented once saying that I might enjoy sport more now if there was someone with your inspiring joy involved in teaching me) - I've no doubt that you've made the right decision with your life. You're going to be (nay already are) such a great teacher.

    I have also shamefully never watched Pride (although I remember really wanting to after seeing the trailer) so it's being added to my must-watch list right now! C xx

  9. Eeek, how exciting! I hope your first few days have been going well so far!

    I'm so happy to hear that you feel like you are on the right path. So often we go by in life on any path whether we enjoy it or not, and it takes serious courage to get on the path of happiness. I am so so happy for you!

    I'm with you are the shaved legs. I'm usually so lazy about it, but when I eventually get around to it, it's pretty darn nice!

    Here's to your next adventure! I hope it's amazing, you deserve it!

  10. Eeeeeeeeeeh! How exciting! Best of luck on the new adventure.