Monday, 10 October 2016

Autumn Motivation Walks

Monday morning called for getting outside and taking in some fresh air to start my day. I always feel much more productive if I have got up early had a good breakfast and moved. I'm keen to keep exercising whilst I'm here so an early morning walk starts my day off well. After a glass of granola and yoghurt (I don't yet own a bowl #studentlife) I ventured out to the local park. Living in the city I miss green spaces. I feel like to concrete masks the changing of the seasons, so I'm very happy to have this park only 10 minutes walk away. You are not going to mistake the seasons in this park. The ground is covered in the best crunchy leaves of all colours and the trees and so many shades and hues of autumnal colours.

I also made a friend. This squirrel was super friendly and came right up to me in the park. Having German flatmates e have been trying to pick up a few phrases in German and squirrel is one of the few words I can say. It is Eichhörnchen for anyone interested. Which sounds like one of those placeholders you say when you're mumbling or don't know what to say.

He was literally so I close I could have touched him! I love this action shot. As well as the squirrel, there were so many dogs in the park, which made me miss my Ben.

The last flowers of summer were just blooming which made the transition between seasons all the more obvious. Now I have taken my walk I am ready to smash today.

Have a good Monday all. Remember it is important to do things for you once in a while. Take a break. Keep motivated and appreciate the world around you.


  1. Those purple flowers are so outrageous! I've never seen anything like them! I'm loving your updates at uni and I'm glad you're still able to get in some nature-time!

  2. Lovely little squirrel! Beautiful photos, Kate :) C x

  3. I loved this post. Thanks for reminding us to get up and do the simple nice things x

  4. That squirrel has made my week, what brilliant shots! Seriously, he's making me smile inanely. Alone. In the kitchen!
    It's so great to start the week with some great outdoors.
    M x

  5. I try to get some outdoor time in every day, whether it's a bike ride or a walk to the bus stop which it was the morning. It's a good way to start the day!