Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #32

This Wednesday finds me all energised about life. I've found a patch of inspiration and am grabbing it with both hands. It's funny reading back last week's Wonderful Wednesday and realising how I feel so different this week. It's so important to look after yourself and this week I've been putting a few things into place to make myself feel better. It's also fab to see that even in the most doldrum and meh weeks there are glimmers of happiness.

This week feels a bit different though. I'm ready for everything. I'm awake and refreshed. So without anymore ado let's hurry on with the wonderful...

1. Flat roast. On Sunday everyone in our flat cooked a roast together. We had an absolute feast with so much food. It was lovely to spend time cooking and eating with friends. With lots of veggies, crispy potatoes and the best gravy, the chicken was yummy too. My German flatmate made us a type of German dumpling which was yummy. Even though we were bursting we just about had space for chocolate and raspberry strudel with custard and a glass of fruit cider. And as we are students we managed all of this for £3 per portion! It fuelled me up for another couple of hours of cricket training and essay writing.

2. New Team Kit. Not sure I mentioned but this weekend is my first cricket games for the university. Not that I'm excited or anything! This week our training kit arrived and it's so comfy and smart. Navy tops and jumpers with white logos are going to make us look so professional when we turn up on Sunday. Nope, I'm not excited at all!!

3. Toast. I love toast. I love that it's so versatile and can be eaten for every meal (although obviously I wouldn't do that)! This week I have been experimenting with different toppings. From your classic butter or chocolate spread to sardines and mozzarella I've had it all. Plus I have the nicest seedy wholegrain bread.

4. Sleep. Last week I was drained and exhausted. It really had an effect on me. I became quite emotional and made everyday tasks need so much more effort. Yes I may have burnt peppers and dropped a fish slice out of the window. Anyway, it's so surprising the restorative powers of sleep. After one really good sleep I felt so much more myself. This week I have consciously gone to bed earlier and got enough sleep and I feel so much more energised and able to focus as a result.

5. PE. I know many of you will already be bored of the PE and sport chat, but it's so much a part of my life. This week I started me PE specialism module for university. This is what I have been waiting for and after only 2 sessions I am already so inspired. The content is so interesting and I can't wait to put it into practise. It's also inspiring me to be more active.

6. Early mornings. Relating to the above point, I have been so active this week and it's making me so much happier. Although this week I have a lot of early starts I have been waking up that little bit earlier to do a little bit of yoga or stretching. Being physically active has been proven to improve your quality of life and I totally buy into this! I like having that time in the morning to watch the sky lightening and settling myself in the day. I have been eating a healthy breakfast and feeling ready for the day.

7. Music. This week has been all about playlists. A mellow wake up playlist in the morning. Some classic songs from my youth (enter S Club and B*witched) to cheer me up when I get in the evening. Or some real sing a long favourites to listen to in the flat when we're all there. Music is so good for the mood and gets me moving.

I'm a little bit buzzy this week. Funny how a few changes can really change your mood. How are you feeling this week? What has been making you smile? For more loveliness head yourself over to the rest of the gang's blogs: JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl , Kerri's, Mimmi'sMartina's and Isabelle's.
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Kate xx


  1. I am LOVING this buzziness this week! I'll have some of that please! I jest, my week has been okay really! I'm so pleased you're feeling so bouncy anf happy as i really do think its so easy to sucked into feeling less full of beans now that the weather has turned a bit and the days seem shorter and so much darker!

    Also yes yes YES to toast!!! Its such a versatile meal/snack and when i was at uni it was one of my go to's. I was forever making banana toasties in those little toasty machine that we always seem to have a million of per flat!

    Happy mid-week lovely one and lots of luck for your first match in your shiny new kit this weekend!

    Sal xx

  2. Ooooh yay! Lots of energy this week! It sounds like a wonderful week, the toast sounds every kind of wonderful and you've inspired me to stick on S Club 7! Hehe!

    I hope you have a great rest of the week!

  3. How wonderful to hear that you're feeling inspired and energised! Sleeping well really does make a difference, and so does exercise :) Good luck with the games this weekend! xx