Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #33

Well how are you diddly-doing? I'm still buzzing from a weekend of cricket combined with the fact that I can legitimately wear sports wear at all times, because I'm a PE student. With the excitement of Halloween as well it's all pretty ticketyboo over here.

The weeks seem to be moving along at such an alarming rate though and I'm already feeling a little like I'm playing catch up. Maybe a weekend away does that to you. I have another one next weekend though so we're hardly going to slow down. My week's been pretty darn good so one with the wonderful...

1. Team bonding. As many of you know, because I was very excited, this weekend was my first cricket game for the university. I didn't really know my team that well, but after a weekend spent in a caravan together with very minimal space we have definitely bonded! We had a great time and played really well. Now looking forward to next weekend and more of the same.

2. So much food. I feel like every Wonderful Wednesday just has a list of the good food of the week and this one is no exception. Starting with chocolate pizza on Friday night, the weekend saw me eat so much. We are all definitely healthy athletes! We had a whole vat of homemade spag bol as our night before the game dinner, croissants as day of the match breakfast and so much food during the day. Our captain's family had made us all a packed lunch, but the coach also bought us chips. Somehow half the team had managed to get into first class on their way down and made full and proper use of the free snacks situation. They turned up on the day with 5 bags worth! Followed by Macdonalds on the way home.

3. Halloween involved more food! Think jelly brains, bat shaped pasta and multicoloured cakes. However my flat also dressed up and had a flat party which was good. I never really celebrate Halloween but it was fun to this year. Dressing up and putting on all the face paint makes you feel a little like someone else. Although mine happened to be a scary Saw puppet!

4. Family day. My PE course organised a family day. Basically they put a couple of students from each year into a family and we do activities together. We ran round Plymouth on a treasure hunt. It was a bit random and explains why there's now a rubber duck on my desk, but it was good to meet the students and know you have a support network if you need it.

5. The comfort of new sheets. Yesterday was new sheet day and I had an early night. I had eaten so much and was super sleepy so the extra bonus of super comfy brand new sheets was great. Also I left my window open so when I woke this morning I was so snug, but could feel the slight chill of autumn.

6. Having dinner made for you. Not having to wash up, dry up, cook and worry about having food. These are little things that I really appreciate now. Plus new york style lemon cheesecake is always a good thing!

7. Sunsets. On our way back from cricket we drove through/round/near Dartmoor and there was the most beautiful sunset surrounded by trees in autumnal colours. We sat outside and watched it set. Perfect end to my weekend. No photos, just taking it in.

And now it's over to you. What has put a smile on your face?  For more loveliness head yourself over to the rest of the gang's blogs: JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl , Kerri's, Mimmi'sMartina's and Isabelle's.
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Kate xx


  1. Chocolate pizza??!! What is this please?!! H Xx

    1. Think normal pizza base, but sweeter. Then a chocolate sauce topping with mini brownie pieces and chunks of chocolate on top.
      Heaven in doughy chocolate form!!

  2. That sky looks so pretty! I was going to ask what a chocolate pizza was but I've just read your description above and oh my lord, I need to get my hands on one!

    I'm glad your cricket game went well, you seem to really be settling in to uni life. I'm very proud of you for pursuing something you love!

    I was talking about having dinner made for you yesterday, it always tastes better when somebody else makes it - especially a roast!

    I hope you have a lovely rest of week xx

  3. Oh darling, I adore your happy list of this week!!!:) When there's good food, especially chocolate and cakes, there's a smile on my face!!!
    I really want to try a chocolate pizza!Once I tried one with blueberries and custard and it was so yummy!
    Congratulations for your first cricket match and good luck for the next!!!
    The warmest hug and Good night!

  4. You definitely can't go wrong with some homemade spag bol!