Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #35

Welcome one and all to another list of loveliness that we like to call Wonderful Wednesday. As I sit writing this I am snuggled in my dressing gown eating one of the finest bacon sandwiches I have possibly ever made. Or else it feels like it with the restorative powers of bacon. The window is open just a crack letting in the crisp autumnal morning.

This week I have been battling the inevitable winter cold/sore throat. I have completely lost my voice on more than one occasion which is just great when I need to practise my teaching. To counteract this I've been necking hot blackcurrant and napping.

Anyway enough of my illness woes and on with some wonderful...

1. Porridge. Sally has inspired this one. As the mornings are getting cooler my granola and milk combinations just weren't cutting it. I was looking for a warming breakfast and Sally is always singing the praises of porridge. I hadn't had porridge for ages and I remember when I had it as a child it was very bland so I knew flavour was needed. I added cinnamon (I feel like this needs to be added to everything at this time of the year) to the mix and topped with sliced apple and greek yoghurt. It perfectly hit the spot and kept me nice and full through the morning.

2. Placement excitement. Next week I start my first placement in a school. I'm really looking forward to it - putting all I've learnt in uni into practise. I have spent the week preppy outfits, printing documents and looking up bus timetables. I can't wait!

3. Dressing up. Last week I went out with the cricket team to a sports social. We had to dress up as a sport (not cricket). We spent a lovely afternoon scouring the shops for costume ideas. Eventually we decided on runners and kitted ourselves out with sweatbands. Then we made ourselves numbers and on the back had our nicknames. I'm incredibly lucky to have found a great group of girls to play cricket with and have fun.

4. Walks. I mentioned this on Sunday, but walks always clear my head and I'm incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful place. See here for beautiful autumnal golden light and sunsets.

5. Kindness. This week I have been consciously trying to spread kindness through the world. Small compliments or making a hot chocolate for someone can have such an impact on their day. Like I said last week, I feel that a little more positivity and kindness is what the world needs right now.

6. All you can eat. On Saturday evening a group of us went to a local all you can eat Chinese. All you can eat seems like a challenge to me, one I was willing to accept. Especially as we are all poor students! I had such a lovely meal with highlights of sweet and sour chicken and chocolate fountain. Although not together of course! I left pleasantly full and we walked back much slower than we had got there.

7. Training. I'm really enjoying training more at the moment. As I said I have a great group of team mates that makes training so much fun. I look forward to Sunday afternoons when we can have a laugh and improve as a team. I've even been going to another session a week. The more exercise I do, the happier I feel.

That's this week's wonderful. What has been making you smile this week? Join in by letting me know in the comments, on twitter using #WonderfulWednesday (I'm @appreciate_day) or getting involved yourself. All these lovely ladies write their own posts and never fail to make my Wednesday brighter. So shimmy over to read JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl , KerriMimmiMartina and Isabelle's blogs for more happy making posts.

Kate xx


  1. Kate! Your lovely 'kindness' comment warmed my little heart. The more and more time we spend with our heads down rushing from one thing to the next, the even more i feel like we appreciate these things - i just love that you've documented it here!

    Also PORRIDGE. There are no words except YUM. If you fancy any tips and flavour combos just holler....

    1. Kindness is what the world needs right now and it's fast becoming one of my top new year's resolutions. I always know where you are for porridge advice! x

  2. Awww this is lovely Kate, I love that you've been spreading kindness it's such an important reminder for us all! I hope you're feeling a little better lovely xx

    1. Thanks, I think I've shook off the cold. Keep kind Peta x

  3. Walking really is good for the soul - glad you've got somewhere so lovely to wander! hxx

  4. That sounds like one lovely little week! Welcome to the porridgy dark side, you'll never go back! Honey and blueberries is also an excellent combo.
    So glad you're settling into life in Plymouth, sounds like you're completely nailing it. And extra good luck next week too!!
    M x

    Oh and the world definitely needs more kindness, we can all do our own little bit to help :-)

    1. There is no way I'm going back! Porridge is hear for the season (and life). I'm loving Plymouth and really excited for next week. x

  5. Porridge is a weird one for me, I like it, but I'm not into it for breakfast. I prefer porridge for dinner. And I even prefer it plain too haha! I like to go for a half water/half coconut & almond base with the oats and that's it.

    You can't go wrong with a good autumn (or maybe winter now, given how cold it is!) walk!

    1. Don't you worry I have been eating porridge for dinner too. Any excuse for breakfast food at any time of the day!
      A walk is always good, whatever season we're in - fact!