Friday, 30 December 2016

Little moments

This week I dedicated my Wonderful Wednesday post to the things that had made 2016 extra special. I really enjoyed looking back through the year and picking the things that made me smile. However, I miss mulling through the week and picking up the little things that have made the week that little bit brighter. When I read back I loved seeing how the little things had brightened and having it in writing made me remember those moments. Therefore this week I still wanted to record those moments.

1. Christmas dinner. I love every part of a Christmas dinner from the pigs in blankets to the turkey. My personal favourite this year was the roasties. My mum had outdone herself with the fluffiest potatoes with such a crispy outside. Also I think it should be law to wear hats and tell jokes at all meal times!

2. Snowman shirt. This is my 2016 purchase instead of a Christmas jumper. It's white and has tiny snowman drawings on it. It says, I'm in the Christmas spirit, but subtly. It was worn with the most comfortable dungarees ready for buffet.

3. Competitive quizzes. On Christmas Eve my friends always get together for an evening of food and games. There were people I haven't seen for a year so it was lovely to see everyone. In teams for quizzes we all got a bit too competitive. Smiles and laughter with friends are just what the festive period is about.

4. Smiles. Seeing smiles on your loved ones faces is just the best feeling

5. Walks. One of the big things I've missed about home is living in the countryside. The fact that I can walk out of my front door and walk for miles and not see a soul. The countryside changes around me and it's silent. This week has been all about rediscovering the places I love near home. Almost always with Ben my sprocker spaniel who I've missed.

6. Breakfast in bed. This week my mum brought me breakfast in bed. Chocolate spread on toast with a cup of hot chocolate set me up for the day. Despite getting crumbs in my bed in felt ready to take on the day, even though the day consisted of getting my tax return done.

7. Family time. Over Christmas I have really enjoyed spending time with my family. I've spent 3 months away from them, which is the longest in my life. I really missed them, especially in the last few weeks, so it was lovely to come back and spend time with them. Sometimes it doesn't have to be remarkable. Just having them all round the same table or sitting watching TV together.

8. My favourite beach. This week I swapped Plymouth's lighthouse for one that's in Suffolk. One of my favourite beaches is Southwold. It's sandy, is lined my colourful beach huts and has a lovely pier. Even on a blustery day the sun poked its head round the clouds and it was lovely. After a walk along the beach it was time for a portion of chips to warm us up.

So those are the little thing that have made my week special. Let me know what has made yours.
Kate xx


  1. Walks are the best! We had a little Christmas Eve walk and then a Boxing Day walk - Christmas day was reserved for eating and napping (and putting together some lego haha!).

    I'm glad you had a wonderful time and a big fat happy new year to you!

  2. I love the sound of the Christmas Eve games/quizzes!
    We received the Would I Lie To You Game for Christmas and me and my mum played it boxing day and it was hilarious! Great fun 😂.
    I love walks in the countryside!
    And also, those roast potatoes sound like a dream! Yum!!

    1. I've never played that game, is it like the TV show? x

    2. Yes it is 😁. You get different types of cards with things on and with some you have to make up some ridiculous stories 😂 x