Sunday, 11 December 2016

Plymouth's Christmas Markets

Last weekend I visited two Christmas market here in Plymouth. Christmas markets are sure to get me in the festive mood and when I knew I'd miss the big one back at home I needed to hunt one out in Plymouth. I ended up visiting two in one weekend.

In the centre of town lots of red wooden huts have been set up under the Christmas lights. A wander through gave us so many ideas of gifts. With everything from jewellery to bags made from leaves. The smells were making us so hungry as crepes, sausages and hog roast mingled with coffee and cinnamon. There was so much to get us in the Christmassy mood with a live acoustic performance of Christmas hits in the marquee as well as a mulled wine bar. Christmas trees and wreathes were being sold and there was plenty of farground rides too.

Next we took a walk down to the Royal William Yard which had a one weekend only market. This is slightly outside of the town centre and a bit of a walk, but we'd wrapped up nice and warm. Unfortunately as we got there late in the day some of the traders had begun packing up, but the market looked so pretty in the darkness. The old military building were lit up by light projections wishing us Merry Christmas while the tree and stalls were draped in fairy lights. The market was full of quirky characters such as stilt walking ice queens and fairy princesses to make the festivities even more special.

Visiting the Christmas markets really got me feeling festive. The one in the centre of town is on for another week so get down there for yummy food and get present ideas. What have you been doing that's made you feel Christmassy?
Kate xx

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  1. I haven't gone to our local Christmas market yet, well except a quick peep on Saturday but it was far too busy to stay long. I might go next week during the weekdays, maybe it'll be quiet.

    It's definitely a good place to get some gifts, I'm hoping to find something for Kris' mum or brother before we head home for Christmas.