Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Reasons I'm looking forward to going home

It's now only 3 sleeps until I can go home, I'm reliably informed via a text from my mum. She's been keeping me updated for the last week as I've really been wanting to get home. I really love my university life, but this is the longest I have ever been away from my family and home. I'm fully independent in lots of things, but this is why I'm looking forward to heading home on Friday:

1. My Grandma's baking. I can't wait for her Christmas treats: sausage rolls, cake and rusks will all be on the menu. I'm looking forward to popping in for a cuppa, chat and a slice of cake.

2. Seeing my dog. It has been far too long since I had dog snuggles.

3. Having a bedside lamp again. This seems a random one, but at uni I don't have a bedside lamp. This means running to the switch to turn the light off at night and then trying not to trip on anything on the way back.

4. Hugging my mum. nothing beats a hug from mum, nothing.

5. Driving my car. It's funny how you Miss some things more than others. Driving with my music up really loud is one. My car gives me the opportunity to explore further and be more independent.

6. Seeing green everywhere, fields, trees. I love Plymouth, I really do. But I miss the countryside. The feeling of green everywhere and being able to walk and walk and not see a soul.

7. Seeing friends at home. Again it's been 3 months since I've seen their beautiful faces and a quick messenger chat does not make up for this. Big catch ups are in order.

8. Coaching again. I have coaching planned for the day after I get home and I cannot wait. Having gone from coaching everyday to not at all I'm having major withdrawal symptoms.

9. Hot chocolate with milk not water. And other cheap student based dramas such as drinking fruit juice. hot chocolate with water is a poor relation of the luxury of a milky based drink. However my flat gets through milk at such an alarming rate that we just can't justify milk based hot chocolate so I'm really looking forward to it at home.

10. Not having to cook for myself everyday. And do the washing up and generally have a couple of weeks off adulting full time.

11. Film days with my brother. My brother turned 18 while I was away so I have a lot of celebrating to do with him, but in winter we love settling down for a day of cheesy films and box sets. Send recommendations my way.

12. The silence. Living in the centre of the student area is brilliant. Everything is so convenient, but it's a far cry from the quiet of home. I'm looking forward to sleeping where the only sound is an owl swooping over and not someone being sick in street or chanting.

12. Seeing and being with my family. I just can't wait to be home.

Was there any random things you missed from home?


  1. Aw, It sounds like you really need this break and there's so many nice things to look forward. Dog snuggles and mum hugs are the best!
    Bee | QueenBeady.com

    1. I completely agree. Hugging mum as I got off the train really felt like coming home.
      Kate xx

  2. Ah, you must be so excited about heading home! We head home a week Friday and I have good feelings that it's going to be great. We're staying at Kris' mum's this year and it should be very peaceful and relaxing.

    I definitely miss driving when I'm not at home. It's something I really love doing, but I hardly get to do it these days.

    1. Wishing you such a lovely Christmas!! Hope your break at Kris' mum's is lovely.

  3. This is such a lovely list! I moved out of my mum's 20 years ago and I STILL look forward to going 'home' (not the home I grew up in but wherever my mum is feels like home). Have a lovely Christmas and I hope you enjoy every minute of your time at home.

    1. Thank you so much Janet. Going home to see family always feels special.

  4. A massive yes to no washing up. Not having a dishwasher is the major drawback of living in a small flat so I hear you on that one.

    V <3