Monday, 12 December 2016

Winter Care Package

One more week at university and I can't wait to be getting home. I love being hear, but having been away from my family for 3 months I'm really keen to see them all again. My mum, knowing this, sent me a surprise package. It's a winter care package with lots of things to see me through the last week or so before I start the mammoth journey home for Christmas. Here's what she included:

  • Hot chocolate. This is my go to drink in the winter months. Not drinking tea or coffee, I need a drink that can warm me up. 
  • Marshmallows. What hot chocolate is complete without a layer of gooey, melted marshmallows on top?
  • New PJs. These ones are tartan and brushed cotton so ever so snugly. I always wear my PJs a little bit big and comfy so mum got these from the men's section. Added bonus, thy have pockets. I put these on after a really warm shower on the first night I got them and had the best night's sleep. I even had clean sheet night as well.
  • fluffy socks. See Pjs. Best night's sleep!
  • Scarf. This cherry print scarf is actually mine from home that I forgot to pack when I came to university. I wore it with blue skinnies and a red polka dot top yesterday and felt all nautical but toasty.
  • Tissues. Just in case I suffer from winter colds.
  • Confetti. Not sure you can see in this photo, but it's chilli shaped. Mum was all about the winter/ getting a bit chilly pun. This is going to go on our table for flat Christmas day.
  • Hand cream. Everyone's hands go dry in the winter and this daisy and elderflower cream smells yummy.
  • A little bit of chocolate. Just a little treat to be kept for when I need a boost.
I loved my package and was really excited to open it. I think it's a lovely idea for a friend or perhaps a Christmas present.

Kate xx


  1. Can't go wrong with a little care package! It's such a caring thing for your mum to send you. I've never been send a care package before, but I can see care and love in them.

    Hope you enjoy your comfy new pjs and a tasty hot chocolate!

    1. I'm very lucky and it's just what I needed.
      Kate xx

  2. Your mum is the cutest. <3 I love marshmallows on my hot chocolate. My local co-op has stopped selling mini ones for some reason. Looks like a trip to morrisions is needed.

    V <3

    1. Yes! Marshmallows just make a hot chocolate extra special.