Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #40

Hello you lovely ones. How are you doing? I hope this Wonderful Wednesday finds you in a good place, with a smile on your face. I write this in the comfort of my own bed. The one at home, in the bedroom I grew up in. It's a funny sort of sensation going back, but I'm loving seeing everyone again. Apart from the couple of days I did in uni before I came home, the week has been generally relaxed and chilled. It is, however, going far too quickly.

1. Food. I think my parents think I'm unable to cook for myself as ever since I walked in the door they have proceeded to feed me at every moment possible. From snacking on the normal Christmassy fair to treating me to pub lunches I have eaten so much in the last few days. Food also provides a brilliant event for catch ups. From long chats over spag bol to catching up with my grandma eating a customary wagonwheel. Food always seems to have that link with people.

2. Home. Being in the place where you can be comfortable. It's the place that shapes you and I can relax.

3. Skies. I'd forgotten how big the skies are in Suffolk. That sounds like a strange way to put it, but you can just see so much of it. The sunsets are larger and wrap themselves right around you. Nature is definitely inspiring me back in the countryside.

4. Hugs. So many reunion hugs this week. Those ones that last longer because you need to cling on to the person you've missed for months. You need to keep them closer and hold them to show how much they mean to you. You need to drink in them. There were some tears shed, but definitely of the happy variety.

5. Sit Coms. Watching Christmas episodes of Gavin and Stacey and Miranda almost is a tradition now, but watching with people that love them as much as me is a must. We can almost recite the words and tell the jokes about 5 minutes before they arrive but it's pure feel good. Laughing at the same jokes we have so many times before.

6. Soft Hair. So I have butchered my hair and the culprit is cheap shampoo. When I say cheap, a bottle cost 30p. My student money saving brain thought this was a great idea but my flaking scalp and drying hair said different. You have no idea how much difference one wash with gentle moisturising shampoo feels. I can't stop touching my hair because it feels so soft. I think I've learnt my lesson here. It's worth spending a little bit more to look after myself.

7. Early Christmas celebrations. The last few days of uni whooshed past in daze of Christmas celebrations (and a little bit of work). My flatmates and I had planned a Christmas day which involved secret santa presents, a huge dinner and an afternoon of board games. Everyone had put such an effort into thoughtful gifts and we had a lovely day.

Our course also did a secret Santa, but this time one of the rules was it had to include something we could wear. These had to be worn to our meal and night out. The meal was buffet style Christmas. Think camembert bites and roasties. It was lovely to get to know our course mates more and had a great night, only downside was my 5am bus!

8. Sunrises on the bus. Having stayed up all night in order to make my 5am bus after a night out I was shattered. I dosed on and off whilst on the bus, but woke up to see this sunrise above. The photo doesn't do justice to the fiery ball of sun rising through the clear skies only interrupted by the aeroplane trail. The mist hung low to the fields collecting by the hedges. Even in my sleep state this put a smile on my face.

There was so much to say this week. More items kept popping into my head and I'm really happy to be back home. The photos are a slow pastelly colour and that's how I feel right now. Mellow and relaxed. A break was just what I needed.

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Kate xx


  1. There's nothing better than going home to your parents! The sky in your photo is so pretty, I feel like I miss it at the moment as I'm in work before the sun rises and leave well after it's set! Sounds like you had a lovely time with your friends :) Have a great Christmas! Laura xx

    1. Have a great Christmas right back at you. I've missed the skies when I've been living in the city. It's not quite the same as seeing such a wide expanse.
      Kate xx

  2. I'm sure your family are so happy to have you back at home with them again! Enjoy being spoiled, together with all the hugs and home treats in general :) Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! C xx