Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Wonderful Wednesday #41

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time. I've been eating so much food and catching up with friends. If that's not what the festive period should be about then I don't know what is. Sally, the leader of our Wonderful Wednesday crew, suggested we use the last Wednesday of the year to round up 2016; to sum up the best bits of the year.

This year started really gloomy for me. My direction had all but gone and I had lost confidence in myself. In writing this post I've gone back and read through my year. Having never written a diary, it's funny having this account of my year, but I like it. I like being able to see the ebb and flow of my emotions. To see the journey that this year has taken me on. I'm truly happy to have this blog and the band of friends that it has brought me. I'm grateful for the Wonderful Wednesday crew for helping me see the lovely moments in life and always brightening my day with their posts. So on with the best bits of the year...

1. Support of family and friends. I owe a big debt to my wonderful friends and family who have supported me this year. The ones that hugged me as I cried and text me motivational quotes every morning. The ones who spent time building my confidence in the classroom and coaching. Who are always on hand with help, advice and encouragement. The ones that are on the end of the phone when I'm feeling far away. The ones ready to celebrate success and have a really good time.

2. Starting university. The whole process of applying to university was a turning point for me. It gave me such a purpose and drive. I have one of my lovely teacher friends to thank for that. She gave me the encouragement to make me believe I could do it. Starting university has been such a massive change, but one I have loved. The course is everything I hoped it would be and being at uni gives me so many opportunities.

3. Meeting some amazing new people. This leads on from the above point in that university has introduced me to lots of new people. From my amazing flatmates who I'm sure will be friends for life to a group of like minded course mates. I have met my new cricket teammates who are amazing. This year  have also met lots of new people in the world of cricket. Coaches who I have stayed up until 2 in the morning chatting with and speakers who have left me inspired. I am always intrigued and interested to meet new people. I love to hear everyone's story.

4. Summer of cricket. Getting a job which meant I woke up everyday to cricket was fantastic. I was able to inspire school children to my love of a sport. This didn't stop when school finished because I spent an amazing summer playing and coaching. As captain I led my ladies team to league victory. A lovely group of ladies who have fun playing and I have missed them. I also took plenty of squads on tour. A highlight being the first woman ever to coach a boys squad on tour for my county. Whilst the sun shone this year I had a very enjoyable season of cricket.

5. Bath. After all that cricket and working everyday for months a break was n order and spending 5 days in Bath with my best friends was perfect. I have known these girls for 11 years and love them dearly. Spending our days exploring, relaxing and eating cake was perfect and a real highlight of my year.

6. Being honest. This has been a year about being honest about my feelings both on this blog and in real life. I've openly told people when I need some help ad my emotions have been more evident. I've always been a lot more open about my sexuality, especially since moving to university which has made me so much more relaxed and comfortable.

7. Finding happiness. At the beginning of the year I was way way from happiness, but by appreciating the small happy moments and getting direction and purpose in my life I have found the glimmers. It's been lovely reading back and seeing these moments of happiness and contentedness through the year. I've also learnt to take time for myself and not burn out. I'm such a yes person and take on too much, but that leaves me burnt out, tired and low. I have taken time to slow down and be happy.

This year has seen so much change for me. I end it feeling content. I have a fabulous family and wonderful friends. I am doing a degree I love which will get me to a career I aspire to and am enjoying my university experience. I am incredibly lucky and 2017 is the year for me to give back.

The #wonderfulwednesday does not stop there. These lovely ladies  JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl , KerriMimmiMartina and Isabelle all write about the best bits of 2016. To join in leave us a comment, use the hashtag on twitter or instagram or write your own post.

Kate xx


  1. These are all amazing but number 7 is my absolute favourite, I'm so glad you found happiness this year darling and I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for you. You're a beautiful soul. x

    1. Fingers crossed for the happiness to keep on going in 2017. Thanks Nadine x

  2. What a year you have had, filled with such amazing things! But I'm with Nadine, number 7 is my favourite of the lot!

    2016 has been a year of big changes for me, and big changes in the direction of happiness. I've never felt more grateful or more appreciative for happiness than I did in 2016. I know feel like I understand it's true value and I wholeheartedly believe that everything you should do in life, should be in the pursuit of happiness.

    And that's about as sappy as I get haha.

    I can't wait to follow your 2017!

    1. I'm so glad that your life has moved towards happiness. think n the end that's what we should all strive for.
      Can't wait to follow you in 2017 either!