Sunday, 8 January 2017

Exercise for the new year

At this time of the year there is a lot of pressure on exercising specifically to lose weight. Whilst I would not judge anyone for this goal, it is constantly in the media. This can be really harmful for some people. However I am truly an advocate for exercise as it has so many benefits.

So many people are put off exercise due to poor experiences of PE. This could be anything from being made to go outside in the cold to the clothing that they were made to wear. If the teacher was not supportive or in some cases insulting this can make people have very negative thoughts about exercise in general. I am not saying this is the case for all and there’s some amazing teachers out there. I hope to become one and help inspire children to enjoy exercise throughout their lifetime.

There are so many different ways to exercise out there and I truly believe there is something for everyone. They do not have to look like the activity you were made to do in school or even set foot in a gym.

There are many reason to get involved in exercise:

1. To be stronger. This was one of my main reasons I got more highly involved in training. I wanted to improve my core strength as this would help my balance in everyday life.

2. To improve mental wellbeing. As well as the tonne of endorphins (happy hormones) that are proven to fill your body after exercise it is also proven that doing physical activity throughout your life can enhance your quality of life.

3. As a social activity. I love being part of a team and have met so many of my friends through sport. Even if you don’t like team sports there will be plenty of opportunities to meet people through exercise classes or even just when walking in the park.

4. To improve your skills. I find that making myself better and seeing progress is a major motivator. Seeing yourself get better is a major boost and makes me want to continue.

5. To try something new. Have you ever though that you’d love to try a certain sport or activity. Why not try now? I recently tried handball and loved it. Trying something new mean you are learning all the time and will see significant progress. I know this can be daunting because we hate being bad at something, but I know that there will be people at clubs to help support you. Be brave. 

There are so many benefits of exercise so why not get involved this new year.


  1. I really could do with getting more exercise. I used to walk everywhere before I got a car but now I find it so difficult to put my keys down and take the scenic route. I was never a big PE fan at school and the gym really scares me so me and G have decided to get back in to badminton as of tomorrow!

    Exercise is great, I just wish I did more of it aha xx

    1. How is the badminton going? It's one sport I haven't really got into. Hope you're enjoying it. xx