Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sunset Stillness

This week I finished all the essays and decided I needed space. I'd been cooped up in the library and my room reading, writing and checking for weeks and it was time to get outside. My first thought was to go to the coast, but I needed a vast expanse of space where I could be on my own. Despite the sea always calming me, in Plymouth it is so close to the town that you feel a little penned in. I needed to see for miles and be alone.

I choose to walk to Central Park just as the sun was descending from the sky. Central Park is up on a large hill so I could see right across Plymouth and appreciate just how large the city is. I live in such a small part of it that I forget this large city around me. Finding the vastness around me always puts things into perspective for me. It's like looking out to sea at gallons of water or looking up at the stars millions of miles away. I don't feel insignificant, but that there's such large forces out there is remarkable.

I stood alone at the topmost part of the hill. I stood still. Stillness can be just as important as the bustle and business that I had left at the edge of the park. Our lives are regularly moving and I have extolled the virtues of that many times, but I find stillness and contemplation just as important. In that moment I listened and I felt. I heard the distant cars and the clatter of the railway. I felt the chill of the wind as it whipped my messy hair around my face. The strands tickling my cheeks and my hands stuck deep in my pockets for warmth. I watched the ever changing light which fascinates me.

I stood there until the last light of the sunset made gilded the clouds. I breathed the cold air then slowly took myself home feeling calmer and happier. Moments out of your day to nourish your soul with beauty and happiness are so important.

Kate xx

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  1. Beautiful photos Kate, there's nothing like a huge expanse of sky to make all your problems seem insignificant! C x