Saturday, 25 February 2017

Mum came to Plymouth

Last week my mum visited me in Plymouth. She was here for a few short days and I had to keep popping away to go to lectures, but it was so lovely to see her. Having her here in my new home was like a little holiday and having a piece of home here.

Although we only had a limited time together I showed her around my new home town. The Plymouth Sound was shrouded in hazy sunshine. Signs that Spring is just around the corner were everywhere. From the snowdrops gather secretly in the corners of the subway to the proud daffodils and 'Welcome to Plymouth' spelt out in pale yellow crocuses.

The few days were filled with chatter and food. We gorged on a massive Chinese, bacon sandwiches and cake. Catching up with the ones you love whilst sat on the top of a hill watching the sun set across the sea seems like a pretty darn lovely thing to do.

We may not have ventured far, but having her company was enough.

Kate xx


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your Mum visiting. There's nothing like relatives coming to stay and bringing a bit of home with them. Love these photos Kate, the first one is gorgeous - what a view! - Tasha

    1. Aren't I lucky with the view? Plymouth is pretty spectacular even when the sun is hazy. I had a great time with my mum.

  2. This sounds like a lovely way to spend a few days. I love when my mum comes to visit. I hope you're feeling recharged and loved. Enjoy the weekend! S x