Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #46

This week I can definitely say has had a lot of positives. From getting my assignments done to booking my house for next year, some big accomplishments have occured, but that's not what I'm going to focus my wonderful Wednesday on. Much as they made me happy and took away a lot of stress, I'd like to focus on tiny moments that have really brought me joy. So on with the show...

1. Orange Juice. When I went home for Christmas it was one of the things I really appreciated. It's not that I can't afford juice as a student, I can. It's because I just don't want to have to carry it back from the shop. It's so heavy. So this week my flatmate buying orange juice for us was a great addition to my breakfasts.

2. Painting my nails. Again this is something a little out of the ordinary. My painted nails usually chip after minutes or I smudge them before I've even finished, so I just don't bother very often. So this week managing to paint my nails a deep plummy red pretty damn perfectly was an acomplishment. The fact that they're still intact after 5 days is even more mpressive.

3. Desert Island Disks. The lovely Cat mentioned Caitlin Moran's desert island disks episode in a previous Wonderful Wednesday and on Saturday afternoon after feeling under the weather I decided to see what the hype was. I snuggled in bed and listen, then moved on to Nicola Adams, then Nadiya Hussain. Hearing people's stories and the impact music has is so interesting. Highly recommend and I can't wait to listen to more.

4. Bacon sandwiches. Now that two of my flatmates have moved out it's kind of strange and erry so having everyone back for breakfast was lovely. What's better than bacon sandwiches and good friends?

5. Time on my own. Once I had finished my essays last week I decided I just needed space. I took myself to the highest hill I could find and watched the sun set. Time to be still, quiet and alone is needed to recharge my batteries. For more and some pretty stunning skies see my post from earlier in the week here.

6. Rocky Road Shots. Most of the time I am truly awful at doing shots. I find them too burny and downright nasty. But when a shot tastes like rocky road and has popping candy in it, I think I can make exceptions!

That's all the wonderful for this week. I've just snuck into Wednesday with this one after a bit of a manic, but amazing day! For more wonderful check out these lovely ladies:  JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl Kerri's,Mimmi'sMartina's AND lovely Isabelle. If your name doesn't feature and your little corner of the internet joins in please let me know. The gang keeps growing and I just can't keep up!

Kate xx


  1. I STILL haven't made it to Desert Island Discs, I need to get on that stat. And bravo on taking yourself off for a debrief/de-stress. There is something really wonderful about being at one with yourself and just processing and chilling and whatnot.
    Have a brilliant rest of the week lovely lady
    M x

  2. Oh I love orange juice. I must admit, I but the cheaper one from the shops (still 100%, but cheap) and when I splash out for something more expensive, damn I love it even more! Orange juice is my go-to cold drink, so much so that I must drink 6L a week or something...

    Have an awesome week!