Friday, 3 March 2017

Wembury Beach

On one of the sunniest days of February, with my oldest friends in Plymouth, we went exploring. I had heard rumours of how beautiful Wembury beach is and it didn't disappoint. Just a few miles outside Plymouth you could be fooled that you are nowhere near the city. Despite it being the sunniest day of half term the beach wasn't too busy. We packed ourself a picnic and sat people watching.

For all you dog lovers, this is a perfect pooch spotting area. I'm just going to give you the mental image of a dachshund trying to paddle its way through the rock pools. Or the spaniel who went running through and soaked everyone within a 100yrd radius. Or the little fluffy puppy who really wasn't sure about the water, but when he finally did get in came out looking half the size with all it's fur sticking to its sides.
Ok so we did a lot of dog watching...

We also explored the rock pools. Noticing how the water rippled over the sand and the many barnacles that clung to one side of the rocks. We were like kids again. Climbing and clambering over the rocks. Feeling the sponging texture of swaiths of seaweed. Drawing messages in the sand and watching them get washed away again.

We then climbed to the top of a nearby hill on which stands the village church. Sitting on a bench looking out to sea we deliberated life and talked about plans for the future. As the sun set and the tinges of pink started to creep across the sky my friend asked us to be 'protectors and guardians' of her future child. The equivilant of a godparent and I am so honoured. A moment on that bench where we hugged and I will never forget.

Kate xx