Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Wonderful Wednesday #49

Told you last week the train journey from Exeter to Plymouth is spectacular.
When I started thinking about this week's list I thought it was a prett run of the mill kind of week and I wouldn't have much to say. I guess the beauty of taking the time to write these little lists is that it really makes you think and pick out thosse brilliant moments. They might not be earth shatteringly large or change your life, but if all these moments add up then they make life so much better. Taking time to be grateful for them makes me so much happier.

1. This Girl Can. I cannot get on board with this campaign enough. From the first time I saw all sorts of ladies getting their freak on in the first advert I was hooked. It made me think that it was ok to try something new. It brought exercise to so many who thought it was only for a certain type of woman. Now there's a new advert, narrated by Maya Angelo. With the poem that I talked about last Wonderful Wednesday - Phenomenal Women. At coaching this week I wore my #thisgirlcan top with pride as I inspired our next generation of girls to enjoy sport.

2. That pizza sitting at the bottom of the freezer. When you have the worst day and you just feel rubbish and you realise that you have a pizza. You can whack it in the oven and have cheesey goodness with minimum effort. Thank you and well done past Kate.

3. Going out to dinner just because. On Saturday night my flatmate and I were home alone so we decided to treat ourselves to dinner out. No special occasion, just vouchers that meant we wouldn't have to pay for it.

4. Lifts. The weather has been pretty dire recently and any time I've left the house I've been soaked to the skin. That's why I'm particularly grateful for lifts to training and work.

5. Tipsy chats that turn into big plans. I'll set the scene... I've finished a uni presentation, we decide to go for a pint. The afternoon of drinking was going well until I realised I was meeting someone. Well turns out a little bit of tipsy allows you to be a bit more confident in your abilities and talk yourself up a bit more. I wouldn't recommend it, but this conversation turned into big plans. Into exciting things for the future and people that are prepared to put time in to support me do it.

6. Focused library time. Saturday morning. In the library early doors. Took in my lunch. Smashed out 1300 words in 3 hours. Bish Bash Bosh!

7. Feeling exercise tired. You know that kind of dull ache that means you moved and used all the muscles in your body. Although you ache all over it kind of delicious because it shows how much you worked and how awesome your body is. I always feel drowsy afterwards and fall into such a deep, comfy sleep that when I wake I feel rested completely.

8. The biggest sausage sandwich. There is always room for food on Wonderful Wednesday and this is no exception. (I may have already mentioned pizza and a meal out, but run with me.) After coaching in the evening in a very cold sports hall and hot sausage sandwich was just the ticket. I had fresh, seedy bread, a generous, maybe excessive amount of sausage and lashings of ketchup. Perfect warm up food.

9. Pancakes. A Wonderful Wednesday in pancake day week without mention of the wonderful foods would be sacrilege. Mine were spread with nutella and filled with slices of banana. Yum.

And with that we hurtle into March. This year seems to be flying by! What has been making your week that little bit more special? Share using #wonderfulwednesday, comment and find out what's been making the rest of the gang smile:  JoHelenMichelleSarahSallyCatSamEl Kerri's,Mimmi'sLynsey Martina's AND lovely Isabelle.

Kate xx


  1. Even of i only manage it once a year, we are infact kindred spirits of the pancake kind since as i had my pancakes with exactly the same as you. I got fresh lemon and brown sugar and even a pineapple and some coconut yoghurt BUT ended up having three {THREE!!!} with nutella and banana....

    SUCH a lovely and inspirational list of ALL kinds of things. I love how much fire and passion comes through in your writing Kate - it's one of the very reasons i stuck around after first reading your blog aaaages ago.

    Yes to to so many things - to late night chats, to believing in YOU and to having extra confidence to show it to others and not just keep it inside and to planning and to the future and just also to bloody great sausage sandwiches since its sometimes all that will do!

    Sending so much love your way and wishing you a less soggy but equally smashing rest of week xxxx

    1. Oh Sally, this is just the loveliest comment. It means so much that you read my blog and feel the passion. I think when we talk about things that are important to us passion is so important. I didn't even know I was getting all these things across, but believing in myself has been something I've really worked on so you picking up on that means so much.

      Nutella and banana is such a good combination! As are sausage sandwiches. Lots of love right back at you. Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Love the intro to your post! I completely agree with the sentiment. It's so nice to really focus on the wonderful moments, even if the week hasn't been so good as it makes you so much more grateful! xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

  3. Ah I love that view from the train there! My Dad lives down in Devon so he often takes the same line and he always tells me about the views, so it's nice to see some photos too - just love seeing the sea to be honest. :D I loved those early morning library sessions at uni too, I always felt very accomplished by the time I'd finished, it's a real booster when you've got lots of work on and tipsy late night chats took me back to uni too, those were my favourites - always great for putting the world to rights and planning too! Lots of lovely things here Kate, hope the rest of your week is equally as lovely. - Tasha

    1. I took so many because it was so beautiful. The sea always cheers me up to be honest.
      Have a lovely weekend Tasha

  4. I love the This Girl Can advert but I am yet to act on that all important message!

    Sounds like you had a great food week! I may have slighly salivated at the mention of that huge sausage sandwich YUM x

    1. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Get on that badminton El!
      Good food weeks are the one!