Monday, 11 September 2017

The Summer Best Bits

It has been absolutely ages since I wrote in this little spot. I felt like a broken record at the start of my last few Wonderful Wednesday posts. I was just exhausted and rushed off my feet. As I finally sit down to reflect on my summer I realise I have crammed so much in. I have worked, I've travelled round the country and I've spent some quality time with friends and family. I have so much to tell you all, but if I wrote in depth about it all it would be long enough to submit for my dissertation. And whilst none of you would sit through long enough to read it, the idea of me sitting down to write it fills me with dread. So here's the latest. The bite size version of the best bits of the summer:

Sunny Days. I spent a summer sat outside and running cricket festivals. My idea of a perfect summer. I did a bit of moaning though - long days and drizzle do that to a person - but on sunny days where I sat watching the cricket I realised how lucky I was to have a cool summer job that I enjoyed. I'd much much rather by there than inside or waiting tables. For one I'm far too clumsy for that!

Drunk chats with best friends. An hour and a half after I walked through the door from a summer of work I was back out and off on holiday. 4 days spent with my oldest closest friends who slip into familiar territory right away. But it was one night sat tipsy in the coolest bar where we chatted about everything. We were vulnerable, we laughed together and they reminded why I value them so highly.

Chasing dreams. Never before have I crossed the country to follow my feelings. Never before have I gone to meet someone I'd previously only met once. But I did. I acted and followed my heart for once. I lay myself vulnerable and made a friend for life.

The day my ears rung and my legs hurt. A trip to London with my mum where she recreated her youth through a Pink Floyd exhibition and we walked through the east end of London for hours getting more hungry and trying random local foods.

Stargazing. Never have I had such a magical evening as the one spent on the top of the Malvern hills watching a meteor shower. We took hot chips up and found a rock that encased us so I felt like I was laying back and watching the sky like it was a massive cinema screen. We watched the sun set and as the sky darkened the show began. The stars were phenomenal. I've never seen such a display. We chatted about life into the night and perked our selves up with emergency chocolate at work the next day.

Phone Calls into the night. When you're both so sleepy but you don't want to put the phone down because you want to keep hearing their voice. Yeah that.

Let me know the best bits of your summer

Kate xx


  1. You win, your summer of meteor gazing trumps anything I did (which wasn't much...). I'm pretending summer never happened and starting over now. 2017 has been an off year. I'm already ready for 2018.

    1. Life's not a competition lovely. I always find that Septemeber feels like a new beginning as much as the new year. Maybe it's harking back to the start of school, but maybe you can use that as your new clean slate. Hope this year and next year are kinder to you xx